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It has the same feeling to it. Two people who randomly meet and become friends. They both have these conversations that make you see their deep connection they share. They both have that "billboard" and basketball court that appears near their apartment.

If you like one, you'll definitely like the other!
Recommended by intimewithyou
Kimura Takuya played in both drama. Both drama has a 90s feel into it which bring the feeling of nostalgia.
Recommended by Dandelion
Both have a remarkable cast,, acting, storyline, romance, and witty dialogue. Both are "feel good"dramas that you will want to watch again and again! Wish the new ones were as good!
Recommended by pattyrn4
Elder woman x younger man.
Two people living together and getting to know each other.
Recommended by mehlwurm
Japanese dramas with very very similar vibes, but different plots. Both are slow burn older woman/younger man dramas that put two people from different walks and stages of life in contact. Through their joint experiences, they becomes friends and confidantes.
Recommended by Ig08
both are extremely good in their own way. There are differences but follow a similar theme ie older woman x younger guy
Recommended by rdturbo
Both stories revolve around a older woman/younger man pairing, whose lives have gone massively wayward from where they thought they would be. Through their interactions with eachother, they both learn to be more confident and to chase after their dreams. Long Vacation is epic in both natural acting and superb use of side characters, but slow dance comes close.
Recommended by Ig08
Written by same screenwriter. These dramas have completely different plots but a very similar feel and style. If you liked one you should like the other.
Recommended by cy00
Both deal with noona romance and involve some degree of forced cohabitation. Male leads are very sweet and devoted men while the women are sweet inside but initially come off strong to say the least.
Recommended by Ig08
Noona romance with some forced cohabitation. There are lots of side characters in both that serve to move the story along, and aren’t just filler. Both male leads are very sweet and devoted while the ladies come off as incrediblely unsubtle at first.
Recommended by Ig08
Both dramas are noona romances and deal with cohabitation of friends. In Long Vacation, the two leads are strangers then friends then lovers, whereas Wednesday 3:30 pm, the two are reunited childhood friends who become something more.
Recommended by Ig08