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- both main male lead of this dramas have some misunderstanding with their superior
- both dramas are focus on surgery, even though Doctor Stranger doesn't have a disaster theme
- both main male lead just want to treat the patients fairly
Recommended by keifferodartseam
Medical dramas. Both about doctors who risk everything to save their patients despite opposition from others. Both feature surgery scenes too. Both doctors persevere against all opposition.
Recommended by SSKF
Both are really intense medical dramas. Both dramas have a similar feel to them as they both have similarities in them.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
Both shows revolve around doctors trying to save victims of disasters.
Recommended by Hessa
both are jtbc dramas, means are of a certain quality. one is about a microorganism ending the world, one is about a big earthquake hitting seoul so they have a similar genre and both are good.
Recommended by tendele
While the stories have NOTHING in common, the shows remind me of each other because they both had low budgets and yet they have been among the best I have seen.. They knew how to direct their stories to keep the audience captivated.
Recommended by missraichyl
Although D-Day focuses on a specific event, they are similar because each of their cases are connected "mysteriously".
-Medical and Conspiracy themes
-Both struggle to overcome an ultimate struggle
-Struggle with family
-Main female leads are really annoying at first (overly-righteous)
-Both use the analogy that patients are "ticking bombs"
Recommended by BlxxdyButterfly
Both of them have a similar feel. D-Day is a medical drama based on a natural disaster but there's an entire storyline about the firefighters. Love 911 has more comedy but also has its fair share of drama. In both the female lead is a doctors. In D-Day the male lead is a doctor whereas in Love 911 he's a firefighter. Both are satisfying with the romance.
Recommended by JoJo
When I first saw the transferring to another hospital with a poor condition in D-Day I immediately remembered RDTK. Although it won't be the focus in D-Day, I can still see the resemblance especially how the lights get turned off in the hospital. The dramatic accidents are very similar to those in RDTK because they have a similar feel. D-Day is based on Disaster genre, so there is more of that there. And they both have light romance that develop slowly.
Recommended by Eos
Also the idear of a natural disaster or the end, in a way, of our world.
Recommended by Yoona
Both dramas deals with emergencies during rough times, the end of the world.
Recommended by Yoona
Both are medical dramas that are mainly focused on the medical aspect and power struggles, rather than romance.
Both dramas show the real human nature: from legality, hypocrisy, greed and ambition to morality, dignity, selflessness, common good and humanity.
Recommended by penel