Missing 9 Episode 13

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Mar 4, 2017

The stupidity! Why would she touch a bloodied (clearly used) knife???

The stupidity! Why would she touch a bloodied (clearly used) knife??? "Hi I'm Bong Hee if I see a knife that's clearly stabbed someone I'll put my fingerprints all over it for you!" Now there's a video of her pushing Tae Ho and her prints on the knife that stabbed him. If the writer remembers then Jang can probably frame her. Though considering how crappy the writing has become maybe it won't.

There was only one thing that saved this episode. That is that for a brief moment we sympathize for Tae Ho as he realizes that he had not yet killed his friend. That Jang did it and that by that one action of trusting Jang his life went down a path that he realizes he regrets.

Of course you have to slog through all the stupid drug out bull crap! Not to mention flashbacks of things we've just scene. No whole long scenes were rewatched!!!!!!!! The humor is still stupid and so much of the character development is lost I feel nothing for this cast. Even the whole joke about Jun Oh falling to his knees to giver her the gift. -_-

Oh, and the reveal that So Hee was a villain was cool. The reality is that her might have been her boyfriend and recorded what happened, but she never did cave in to letting the truth come out. Instead she made Jun Oh the culprit so that the real murders would get away with it. All so she could black mail Jang so that she could steal and get good roles for herself. Wow. What a reveal.

Gosh. I don't even feel motivated to continue.

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