Missing 9 Episode 3

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  • Aired: January 25, 2017


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Jan 26, 2017

The colors really are important.

There's been a lot of speculation about the color beige as it seems like the whole cast is where it. So far it's been beige and then the brighter scheme in Ra Bong Hee's present. However, in the cliff flashback we see So Hee in color. Also, they're showing the entire island cast in white towards the end. Clearly the color scheme is going to mean important things for the story.

Red. Red is going to mean something and seeing as So Hee suddenly has red on during what looked like her plummeting to her death, and then Ra Bong Hee when she sees everyone in white. So Hee is also in vivid tones then.

Speculations aside I love how ambitious this is going to be. It really could mess with your mind and keep you guessing. Not to mention that even though I'm pretty sure that was the death of a character, the writing still kept me smiling and laughing. (Even while laughing I felt guilty because I'm pretty sure that was the first official--that we know of--island death.)

Overall fantastic! What a great show to start of my drama new year! Clearly a lot of time and though has gone into this script. Someone may have been inspired by the USA Lost, but the writers are going to make it their own. Plus, I love all of the acting.

Side note: I'm baffled as to why the ratings in Korea are so low! It feels like they rarely reward shows that try to break the K-drama mold and deliver something better. Here's hoping word of mouth will get this show picked up in the ratings so that we can get more dramas like this.

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