Missing 9 Episode 4

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  • Aired: January 26, 2017


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Jan 27, 2017

Definitely will be continuing this drama!

So here I am at the fated 4 episode and I will definitely will be continuing this drama! The storytelling has really come together here. Though I feel like if they push the back and forth timelines too much further the show will either become A) Too Convoluted B) Confusing. Or simple both. Too much jumping around messes with the impact.

Some big reveals here and Bong Hee may have gotten off that island, but there's some scarier stuff that might go down on land.

This opens up some huge questions. Such as how can anyone judge someone on their spotty amnesia mind? Really? I say I'm gonna kill someone everyday, or that I've just murdered someone. Context. Why was no one on the island when they visited it? Why did they leave so fast? Are others looking for clues?

Is her memory becoming more clear as they change their clothes on the island? Who else may have survived the crash? On and on. I love the story that is being built. Though I don't like how Bong Hee thinks she needs to make herself useful, she is the only one with the skills to truly survive. At least that we've seen. Know ones worth.

I'm very curious about so many of the characters. Tae Ho maybe an intense asshole (only other person able to catch a meal) and the murder may have been a mercy kill. I feel like So Hee is worried about Bong Hee. They could become good friends. There's clearly lots of missing memory there. A big reveal is coming.

The bigger question is where is everyone from the island!?

Okay, so I love the humor here! Though I do feel like many stupid things are done. Such as still pretty much leaving your food unprotected!!

Sidenote: while I hate the teasing of killing off character, as I fan I'm happy that character isn't dead! Phew. But that makes me wonder how far the writers are going to go? Make it intense. That's all I ask!

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