Missing 9 Episode 6

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Feb 18, 2017

Don't believe anyone is dead, until you see them fish eyed.

Don't believe anyone is dead, until you see them fish eyed. Though I suppose that could also refer to drama kisses! Ha-ha! No really, Missing 9 keeps toying with me. Even when someone gets smooshed you can not believe they're dead. Oh, no.

This episode was pretty brilliant. The only reason I'm not giving it a 10 is because it was so obvious how So Hee was going to die and who the next survivor would be. I really wanted the writer to pull one over on me.

This episode was brilliant in showing us how normal and warm everyone could be, and then the reality of being trapped on a deserted island. It's all good, until your life is on the line. Especially when So Hee was braiding Ho Hang's hair, and then his betrayal to her.

I like the balance Missing 9 has struck. From Gi Joon and Ji Ah's romantic hijinks (ha-ha! Ho Hang gave the thumb up I wanted to!) To seeing into the past of Dreamers and how they were before debuting. Survival brings out the monster in all of us, and the good.

Yeah! I'm so glad that Bong Hee has her memory back. That does mean we're going to spend more time on the island and find out what really happened. I enjoy the storyline change up and the pacing is perfect for the reveals and the present. Can't wait to see how the new survivor and Bong Hee will mesh up.

(So I really want Bong Hee and Jun Oh to become an item. Can you imagine if they actually had decent kisses and skinship? Though with this drama I feel like they'll just be close friends. Jun Oh definitely feels and seems like a big brother to Bong Hee most of the time.)

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