Missing 9 Episode 7

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Feb 24, 2017

Very clever. At this point we've all just…

Very clever. At this point we've all just assumed that Bong Hee and the story being told is the truth. Well, I still firmly believe that she is telling the truth, but it's nice to know they're trying to fool us.

Anywho! That dramatic reveal music for the survivor was perfect, even though the preview (and obvious plot line) was going to reveal Tae Ho. Man can actor Choi Tae Joon really deliver! He is wickedly convincing as Tae Ho. Though I can't believe anyone would not just immediately suspect him. Or that they'd leave him so able to sneak away to kill people. OR that Tae Ho himself would think that killing the "reporter" would not be obvious. Especially trashing the place to do so! WTF! No really. Stupid writing all the way around. At least we didn't have to suffer forever for the rest of the survivors to face the truth of So Hee's death. Thank you.

I will commend the writer on creating a dark story, but still keeping the humor. The whole thing with Jun Oh freaking over the bones, and then calmly handing them to Bong Hee while freaking out in between! Ha-ha. The funny moments are great at taking the tense situation very lighthearted. Even that camouflage scene! So funny! >_<

Which makes the reality that more cast members, that I now love, might die more intense.

The mystery of Tae Ho is also expanding. As he's aware and some how involved in the CEO crashing. Plus, he's clearly the real murderer that Jun Oh is being blamed for. Tae Ho has done some bad crap, and is of course involved with the dirty CEO. It's quite a slap in the face how willing everyone was to toss Bong Hee under the bus for So Hee's murder. Yet Tae Ho wine and dines the lead investigator lady and she's willing to let him say whatever he wants. (Though part of me was a bit nervous that he was going to point his finger at Bong Hee, but he went with the next obvious choice.) I hate it when it comes done who will believe HER over this rich and famous person? Yuck.

Though what is with this plot hole of everyone knowing Tae Ho is a killer, but they leave themselves open to his attacks. The journalist really thought Tae Ho would not be brash/stupid enough to do it. However, putting that type of pressure out there he should of at least had his guard up! I can't believe everyone knows he killed at least Yeol and yet they're so willing to put themselves situations to be killed. Even with the journalist saying Tae Ho is evil. Yes this guy killed someone, but let's let him stay with us so he can pick us off one by one. Bet they all wish they ganged up on him and tossed him off a cliff. (We're all thinking it. Don't judge.)

Random things. Why do the bad guys always have neck stretching/cracking ticks? Evil must make for stressful neck muscles. I was so proud of the CEO! (Hwang Jae Kook.) Finally someone stands up and says, "Look what this bastard did. Now face my fist." CEO isn't a bad guy.

Overall this ender was such a shocker. I am so curious how Bong Hee will react. Personally I want her to run up and say he's lying. Pretty sure she'll freeze and just make scared eyes. Either way I would not be working with that woman and they're investigation anymore. Besides that. How do they know for sure that anymore survivors aren't going to pop up? Wouldn't it be better to wait more . . . what are they doing seems more dangerous than revealing the truth. Because it all hangs on the balance of someone they believe is a murderer and that no on else will survive.

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