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Ok, these are clearly nothing alike. But after watching SHR, I wanted something with a questionably crazy male lead. Yoo Jung reminded me of Wang So because neither are the typical "jerks," but they are not really nice guys either and they both make me wonder if either is really sane lol. And they kind of treat the girl the same way.
And both have the same combination of romance with a bit of suspence and an open ending.
Recommended by Hanah
Okay, I know some of you may be like "Whaa?" but hear me out on this one.

Both are about girls stuck in a political battle between kings.

Both have two (or more) love interests fighting over them.

Both have feelings for two characters.

Both are historical (duh).

And they both have main leads who are humanly flawed and aren't always the best people - which is understandable in this era and time.
Recommended by Starry Ives
Both have the time travel genre, although there are some differences. In Moon Lovers, the girl travels back in time and in Queen In Hyun's Man, the guy is from the past and has the ability to travel to the future.
Both have historical elements (Moon Lovers has a lot more).
The romance is very satisfying in both of them. No tragedy in this one. Maybe some tears...^^
Recommended by Nefertiti
? Both Jin Mi and Hae Soo, the female protagonists, underwent a drastic character development from a silly girl to a matured woman. They serve the same vibe. Trust me and watch till the end for they are not same as they were in the first episode.
? There are parts where Xu Feng reminded me of Wang So especially when they look hot and brooding in all black ensemble. Xu Feng also became an emperor at one point. Unfortunately, unlike him Wang So failed to get the girl. (ANNYEONG PDNIMS, WE STILL NEED THAT MOON LOVERS SEASON 2 THOUGH.)
? Both OTPs showed a love that consumes you. You can't help but swoon and root for them. But, Jin Mi and Xu Feng's pairing triumphed above their circumstances which gave as a happy ending.
? Both Run Yu and Wang Wook, the brothers of the male protagonists, vied for the female leads' hearts. Their ambition for the throne also got in their heads making them the antagonists.
Recommended by aquamarie
Both are romance historical dramas and sorta have the same method of time travel.
Recommended by scarletlover1
No one related these 2? I felt pain watching them both. .... and the ending is awful in both
Recommended by Dia