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Doctors Episode 1

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Prior to becoming a doctor, Yoo Hye Jung was a rebellious teen, always ready for a fight. She meets Hong Ji Hong, a teacher at her new school, and the two immediately butt heads.

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  • Aired: June 20, 2016

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Doctors Episode 1 Reviews

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Oct 26, 2016


I had the opposite reaction to this first drama. OMG! Bitchslap? And again? Kick to the gut? I'm a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo so I"m absolutely not opposed to badass chicks but her attitude was 100% offputting. I actually really disliked her character at the beginning and had to hold myself from shutting it off by reminding myself over and over, "this is a flashback", she'll become nicer at some point... hopefully sooner rather than later..... The arguing and girlfights over nothing were a totally turnoff. Being a badass doesn't have to come with losing your dignity.
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Jun 23, 2016

Four Stars

I was not in the plans beginning this drama, but i saw so many comments on Facebook and other social networks i decided to start. This drama did not disappoint me and I was delighted in all the fight scenes with the PSH.
Really liked the first episode and Park Shin Hye is quite different from what we normally see and is also very mature. Hye Jung won me over immediately. She's a pretty bold character, those you can not control in any way, and perhaps seen by society as someone with no future and that was something that made me fall in love more with her. The way she does not want people to have such high expectations on it, but still has a good character. She's just lost in a whirlwind of feelings like most teenagers.
I also liked the teacher played by Kim Rae Won. He is a teacher that many students would like to have, primarily, to show concern for others and be kind, but still felt very uncomfortable with this possible relationship link between a student and a teacher. His relationship with Seo Won is something strange and did not like to know that it will be a possible villain in this drama. I really HATE stories involving women who fight over a man and will be something very annoying see two students fighting for a teacher.
Can anyone tell me if Ji Soo and Ji Moon In will be present during all the drama?

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Jun 22, 2016

Even despite the flashback.

Ah, a flashback episode starter. Not to mention that Doctors is a show that I've put a lot of expectations on. So this first episode had a lot of room to fail with me. However, it sucked me in despite the annoying moment when the "13 years ago" message came across.

It's a lively flashback! AND I think this is going to be one of my favorite roles for Park Shin Hye to play. She's so vivacious and cool! It's great to see her so animated in a character type I haven't seen her take on yet. (I haven't seen all of her stuff so maybe she has in something else.)

The setup is fun and I'm fully engaged with the "13 years ago" especially since the opening scene grabbed my attention and I want to know about Hye Jung. A doctor who can tell a gang what to do in her hospital!

Visually Doctors is pleasing too and I enjoyed the title and flashback transitions. Not to mention I enjoyed both the American and Korean music choices. I hope that continues. (Come on, Sk8ter Boy anyone?)

Overall I great start, the ending was . . . strange to the say the least. But the writing has captured my attention and I'm very curious about Hye Jung and the rest of the cast.

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Jun 20, 2016

Daebak!!!! Park Shin Hye is cool, Ji Soo is…

Daebak!!!! Park Shin Hye is cool, Ji Soo is hot, Kim Rae Won is nice, Halimoni is a cuddly cutie, and the puppy is the sweetest. That ending though... what??

Liked the story so far. This started off with a bang and kept my interest until that ending. Excited to see what happens next. I love all the characters.
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