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Doctors Episode 2

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Hye Jung is inspired to turn her life around after witnessing Ji Hong's medical expertise. With midterms approaching quickly, she must find a tutor to help her study.

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  • Aired: June 21, 2016

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Doctors Episode 2 Reviews

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Oct 26, 2016

....started falling asleep....

I'm not sure what's going on but somewhere before she starts getting chummy with those 2 girls I feel asleep.... I think it was during all the talk, talk about the hospital.... Wasn't really understanding the swirl of conversation. Too much too fast.... and not interesting enough to make me pause to catch up and read it.... ...I stopped it because I know I'm missing things that'll give meaning to other stuff later on... or I'm hoping that' the case, otherwise, why bother??? So, I'll get some rest and try it again later on.
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Jun 24, 2016

Three Stars

Hye Jung is an amazing character. I loved this sudden desire to want to change. Of course she is a character who has suffered a lot, always trying to take the problems only to themselves and to blame for everything that happens around you. I like how she used the quote from Ji Hong as part of its change. The good of this change is that it still has its essence without losing their courage or their independence. Just decided it was time to grow up and live another way.
P.S: I loved the dialogue between her and the Soo Chul

I like Soon Hee may be because recently finished a drama with this actress, but she won me over enough. All character dialogues with Hye Jung are beautiful and I really like that it is to be present in adulthood Hye Jung and that the two remain friends. I liked the trio with the participation of Seo Woo, but it was something that happened at the time of no return forecast.

We must not fail to mention Seo Woo. I do not like how it took so seriously that phrase we see in various series and movies "If I can not have, you will not." This chance with Hye Jung would be your chance to have real friends. Envy and jealousy seems that spoke louder than a chance to build friendships for life.
No wonder she thought only of you to see how your family relationships. Seo Woo and Hye Jung is a teenager and is lost. I hope it does not become a villain throughout the drama, but as can be seen only a lost girl without friends and with serious psychological problems.

The feeling of discomfort with the relationship between teacher and student have not disappeared. I understand that some teens really have drop teachers, but it is up to the teachers put a limit which was not the case of Ji Hong. Things like bike ride, sharing ice cream may well be avoided. I realize that the writer shows that he is aware that this type of relationship does not appeal to the public after citing Lolita in the first episode and when Seo Woo says they are teenagers and they are innocent.

I'm excited mega to watch the next episodes and how these relationships in the future. I Want Soon Hee and Soo Chul and in the future.

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Jun 22, 2016

Still a great soundtrack!

Really a great soundtrack! I love how important music is to the show as well as to Hye Jung and Ji Hong. Though I will say that now that their relationship has definitely progressed past friendship and I don't care for Hye Jung and Ji Hong's developing romantic feelings for each other.

Ji Hong respects Hye Jung now and I can see the admiration. This early on I feel like he should just be a mentor. It doesn't help that I have a very firm standing on student/teacher relationships. But I feel like it would mean more later on down the line if Ji Hong and Hye Jung's innocent mentor/friendship relationship had the chance to bloom into something when they're both adults.

That said I can't deny that Ji Hong and Hye Jung have some serious chemistry. However, in the short time that Ji Soo has been on screen as Soo Chul (AKA the hot motorcycle dude of my dreams) he's lit a fire in my heart! Hye Jung and Soo Chull have some heat!

I really liked the girl friends aspect that this episode introduced, and as such was very disappointed when it fell apart. It was done in a way that I can understand. Pulling into light what makes real friends, and those who only care for you when you're not succeeding. "Accessory" friends indeed.

It's still in the "13 years ago" story, but I'm still loving it. Clearly the next episode will be part of the flashback, but I'm OK with that the writer is doing an excellent job. I am fully invested in these characters and I'm eager to see what happens next, and what the present story will hold. (Even though I know it's probably not going to have much of Soo Chul in it, or none. Be still my heart.) Yeah, I think this will be my favorite role for Park Shin Hye to date.

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