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Doctors Episode 10

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Director Hong's surgery approaches, but its secrecy begins to dissolve. Hye Jung's burden of a new car becomes an even bigger problem.

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  • Aired: July 19, 2016

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Doctors Episode 10 Reviews

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Jul 20, 2016

A little more boring. I'm starting to get a vibe that the hospital politics are going to take over.

Oh, poor Yoon Do. I loved that he was telling his heart not to get too far ahead. Quite honestly Yoon Do has swept me off my feet! (Though I doubt that's solace to him.) I think it's great that Hye Jung was frank and blunt with him. Simply telling him that basically if she were to bother falling in love Ji Hong is the man for her.

Though I find that odd. I get that he's her first love. However, I don't think they had that much time together? Maybe a month or two . . . was it a full semester? I don't know, the flashback was very sketchy on it's time frame. Maybe I'm being grumpy about it because I like Yoon Do! He's so cute and awkward, but I love his confidence! He has a lot of qualities that I like in Hye Jung.

I did like the dynamic of Yoon Do and Ji Hong becoming friends. Especially when they were talking about Ji Hong's confidence, and Ji Hong is so shameless! Ha-ha especially admitting he was so great because he got Hye Jung to enter a flirtation.

Other then that this episode kind of bored me. What can I say the writer is taking the easy way out with Seo Woo. The only thing she's really doing is being openly mean. I'm losing faith in the character. There were some intense moments with Ji Hong's father's surgery, and I enjoyed the human moments between father and son. However, it was mostly boring for me. Not to mention the sly politics going around.

Last time I said Doctors was a great place for shipping characters. Well I want to ship Soon Hee with someone! I've mentioned a few characters before, but I think I know who I really want her to have a romance with. Yoon Do! Wouldn't they be great!

Here's to the show getting a bit more exciting next week--episodes. I'm kind of getting this bad vibe about how Hye Jung's search to find out the truth about her grandma is going to help in the hospital politics. I'm really starting to get nervous that the politics are going to take over.

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