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Doctors Episode 9

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Adamantly seeking revenge, Hye Jung takes new steps to unveil the truth behind her grandmother's death. A loved one's health scare puts Ji Hong in a fragile state.

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  • Aired: July 18, 2016

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Doctors Episode 9 Reviews

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Jul 19, 2016

Ji Hong's dad is awesome!

No Soo Chul, but I knew that was coming. However, just not enough Soon Hee! Not to mention Soon Hee and Hye Jung's womance! Honestly I just can't get enough of these two together.

Quite a few of the characters are going interesting ways, more notably Seo Woo. Who apparently can't take a hint: everyone is telling her that she does not listen! So now she's become a more horrible person. She's so jealous of Hye Jung that she can't even admit that jealousy.

When Yoon Do stated that he felt like he had already lost before he'd even begun to romance Hye Jung was very insightful. Because as the second lead that's pretty normal. The whole scene when they were bickering over Hye Jung was a little funny and awkward. Points for Ji Hong's total confidence. It would be pretty bold for this series to pull a fast one and let the second lead get they girl.

Oh, my drama! He just gave her a hot car and a rock on hand signal! Ha-ha! The whole thing with the car was hilarious and fun. Which is good because this episode did slow down. Introducing the hospital politics even more. I am nervous about that, Doctors' appeal is the characters! This needs to be an interesting character driven show, not a "who's going to take over the hospital" show. That's why I normally do not like medical Korean dramas.

Holy cow! Ji Hong's dad was totally bad @$$. Clearly this has to show him that is friend is up to know good? Either way I think it's brilliant that he loves Ji Hong that much.

Overall a fun episode! I just hope the take over plot doesn't ruin this.

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