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Doctors Episode 15

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Seo Woo is fed up with her father's expectations. A loving couple ends up in the hospital on their wedding day.

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  • Aired: August 08, 2016

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Doctors Episode 15 Reviews

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Sep 3, 2016

Officially a wasted drama, but I'll hang in until the end.

Ah!! The WOMANCE. Even though it was brief and so fleeting. I loved seeing Hye Jung and Soon Hee snuggled up like that. So cute. Though I'm a bit disappointed that it looks like Jong Dae will be Soon Hee's romance.

There are great character moments in this episode. I love a series where characters help each other and they grow.

Sadly I think the reality is that the writer had a start for the drama, but sadly had too many ideas and characters to take the story. Basically meaning things are slowing down and 20 episodes was too much.

Right now I feel like the writer is relying on over drawn emotional plots to keep the drama feeling fresh.

Either way this drama is becoming boring and many aspects that made it great are going away. Doctors is becoming stale. At this point I want to see how it ends, but it's a shame that such an amazing start will finish weak.

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Aug 9, 2016

First Review - Ep 15

So I thought that I would start writing reviews after I watch every episode & then do a short overall review once the drama is over.

I for one thoroughly enjoy Medical dramas, maybe it's because I work as a Medical secretary, or maybe it's the fact that my Mom is a nurse, whatever it is I love them. The one thing I've noticed is that as the drama has progressed the drama comes from the medical stories vs. the drama within the character's lives. First off I'm very glad to see that there was a happy ending for the Father with the two sick sons. The Father didn't end up killing himself, was able to find funds for his boys medical bills, and ultimately his boys became better. This was a nice start to this episode. I'm also very proud of Jin Seo-Woo for standing up to her Dad, though through this episode you continue to see how much of an absolute jerk her Dad Eom Hyo-Seop is. I'm also shipping Jin Seo-Woo and Baek Sung-Hyun's relationship, though it seems as if Jin Seo-Woo is not down for that. I'm hoping that she'll have a change of heart. The last thing I want to mention is how there was a conflict between Hong Ji Hong and Yoo Hye-Jung I feel like this is only natural in a relationship and I'm very pleased that they showed this because it makes their relationship all the more real to me. Jung Yoon-Do is really starting to get on my nerves and I hope that he takes a hint and just gets lost. Leave Yoo Hye-Jung alone you've lost she's in a relationship stop pining after her. The ending wasn't a cliffhanger which I mean let's be real there's been a lot of those so far in this show so I'm not disappointed every episode can't end in a cliffhanger. i'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode.



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