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Doctors Episode 16

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Congressman Na won't give Hye Jung a moment of peace. Kang Soo's own lack of peace begins to threaten his health.

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  • Aired: August 09, 2016

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Doctors Episode 16 Reviews

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Sep 3, 2016

Great moments mixed in with a heavy dose of boredom.

It's cruel! More WOMANCE and that amazing hug with a confession of love from Ji Hong. (Though I think Hye Jung has said it indirectly. "I take care of people I love.")

That's the problem. There's still some great moments sprinkled into what I like to call the scape plot. Even flashbacking a whole scene about the bride and groom. The writers taking the easy way out and this drama is phoning it in. I felt bad that I only felt exasperated about Kang Soo then worried.

It's all become over done. At least maybe Seo Woo has a chance to stand in and say she dropped the ball. She knows she's become a pitiful person. Let's see if she decides to change.

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Aug 10, 2016

Ep 16 - Fangirling & Heartbreak

This episode had me squealing like a crazy fangirl & then clenching my chest due to heartbreak.

We again in this episode see Hong Ji-Hong & Yoo Hye-Jung's relationship develop. I'm pretty sure I looked crazy when Ji-Hong & Hye-Jung ran into the lecture room & Ji-Hong told Hye-Jung he loved her. Even now thinking about it I'm melting. HE'S SO CUTE, I can't. I found in this episode that Jin Seo-Woo was starting to consider Pi Young-Kook even though she says she just wants to be friends, like I said for the last episode I'm rooting for these two. I'm also happy to see Jung Yoon-Do & Jin Seo-Woo finally getting along. I can also really see Jin Seo-Woo's character evolving from just a mean girl into someone who's been controlled for to lon & is finally standing up for herself. I really enjoy seeing the growth with her character. Jin Myung-Hoon is the worst person ever. It truly is Jin Seo-Woo's fault what happened to the ambassador yet, he's turning it around & blaming Yoo Hye-Jung. ALSO, I was freaking out when you see Jin Myung-Hoon pulling up the photos from Yoo Hye-Jung & Hong Ji-Hong's past. He's done something terribly wrong, costing someone's life, but to cover his butt he's trying to ruin, yet again someone else's life instead. THEN CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE REAL DRAMA IN THIS EPISODE FREAKIN KANG-SOO. I CAN'T. MY HEART WAS BREAKING. I'm pretty sure Choi Kang-Soo is my favorite side character in this drama & to have to deal with this now *cries* my heart shattered into a million pieces. ALSO, the fact that he won't tell anyone!? Like are you crazy!? JUST TELL THEM HAVE JI-HONG OPERATE! This for me was the pique in this episode. I was a mess. SO MANY FEELS! The episode ended with Hye-Jung walking into the disciplinary action meeting which I feel like again Myung Hoon is just using to his advantage. Fingers crossed nothing to bad happens. You know the next episode is going to be good when they show no preview for it.

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