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Doctors Episode 17

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The disciplinary committee meets to decide on Hye Jung's punishment. Kang Soo must choose which surgeon he wants to operate on him.

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  • Aired: August 15, 2016

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Doctors Episode 17 Reviews

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Sep 4, 2016

More boring than moving.

Even though she found out the truth, the world did not change. Sadly that's the truth for most things. Even though it's seemingly a big thing to us it really means nothing to the rest of the world.

I enjoyed the message that wasting precious moments obsessing about revenge and other negative emotions is kind of crazy. Ji Hong realizes that you could day at any time, so why not enjoy the live you're living now.

For the rest of it the episode it was pretty dull. In fact boring. I hate draggy plots like this. I love Kang Soo, but the whole ordeal was so dull I didn't have much emotion for him. I feel like these kinds of plots are an easy escape. Where they're cashing in on the fact that you have to have an emotional reaction to it. -_-

Either way the things that shouldn't be dragged out are. Hye Jung's whole face off with Myung Hoon was dull, and the scene with the lawyer. It was odd that she would assume that a guy like that, who covered up his misdeeds and would tell a grieving child off like that, would ever sincerely apologize. Or Keep his word.

Why is the writer concentrating on these lame tropes/plots. Oh, well. Things will have to wrap up soon.

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Aug 19, 2016

Five Stars

I can see her pain and insistence of wanting to fight for justice for her grandma. The way her face twitched like she was about to start crying when she was talking to the attorney, and at the final scene when Ji Hong called her and she just started crying like that.

That is such beautiful acting and so amazingly natural and realistic. People would always start bawling when their loved ones would ask them if they're okay.

The sad thing about this that makes me cry, is that I agree with Ji Hong that Hye Jung is letting this entire thing consume her life. She needs to learn to move on because it will be so much better for her well being. but at the same time, I'm on her side because I understand that feeling of being treated unjustly and you just NEED to get back at them to feel satisfied.

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