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Doctors Episode 8

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When Soo Chul is badly injured, Hye Jung must decide if she'll assist in the risky surgery. The staff holds a wild party at Sooni Hawaii.

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  • Aired: July 12, 2016

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Doctors Episode 8 Reviews

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Jul 13, 2016

An emotional rollcoaster!

An emotional roll coaster, I've got whip lash! First the writer had me all panicky and worried beyond belief. Then the next thing I know everything is all right. Then it's one crazy emotional experience after another! This episode had me hitting pause to briefly indulge in what I like to call "rock myself in a ball till it's all better" and then smiling like a fool from the good vibes later. Intense guys. Totally.

Not only did Soo Chul still my heart away (please don't let him be gone from the drama!), but Ji Hong totally did. Heck even Yoon Do. They all have different personalities and I love them all for different reasons. Ji Hong is such an amazing lead! He breaks every stereotype and I love how happy he makes me feel. No really, this guy has charisma and that smile . . . Yoon Do is the typical cold guy, but I like how complex he is. He's so smooth, but totally awkward. Soo Chul, well I've spent a lot of time going on about him. Yeah, he's really cool. It's perfect, I could tell these guys apart in a drama line up. That's what's important.

Hye Jung is pretty awesome, I love that we get to see her be so strong and then it's tempered by human moments. She kicks butts and beats the guys, or saves them. But she still not perfect at everything. What I like is that she can do all of the things that are more "manly" or considered for the men, but she looks sexy and cool. Especially when she playing Ji Hong. (Wrinkled collar, wink-wink.) (Oh, speaking of winks Soo Chul has the sexiest wink. *dreaming look*)

Last review I found myself saying how I understood Seo Woo and could sympathize with her. However, her bad traits are annoying. Even when people simply give her feedback about how she behaves she can't take a hint. It's not just jealousy, though it's a big part. It's her need to be right, and to not take any advise or learning experience. To never apologize or admit she's done wrong. Strangely enough I still like her and I really want to see her grow.

I've said it before and I'll say it again this cast is awesome. The work party was great, especially the unexpected rapping from a certain head of Neurosurgery! To Hye Jung's dad actually making me feel bad for him! Even though I wanted to strangle him for not seeing how he'd wronged her. There wasn't enough Soon Hee moments. Which meant no Hye Jung and Soon Hee moments! (Guys, I am obsessed with these two!)

At least this ending was cute and not cruel. So far I feel like Doctor Crush is really hitting all the points and keeping things interesting. The pacing is working well and I'll be curious how all of these storylines come into play and work out. I love it all! Quite honestly I'm eager for each storyline to play out and the characters it's involved in. Things could get heavy, and thus boring, on some of them. Yet I think the writer could really pull it off.

Oh, and is anyone else just stunned by how good this drama looks? I want to screenshot every scene almost!

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