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Eternal Love



  • Score: 9.1 (scored by 2,465 users)
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Setting: historical and fantasy
Both leads love each other very much( would die for their lovers)
Interesting side characters
Female antagonist keeps trying to steal the male lead(same actress)
Recommended by Pinocchio
-Bad CGI
-beautiful costumes
-Character growth
-Everyone is Beautiful
-Demon Goddess = Supremely Awesome
-Similar character archetypes
-weak to strong
Recommended by Jordan
Both dramas:
- are set in the realm of deities;
- have an unforgettable love;
- have an heart-wrenching love story;
- secondary characters that made the main leads have misunderstandings;
- heavy fantasy with many creatures from Chinese mythology;
- beautiful scenaries;
- good CGI (Heavy Sweetness, Ask-like Frost one seems better).
Recommended by Laura
Same story from same novel. One is a 58 episodes drama and one is a movie. Both drama and movie have amazing cast
Recommended by Melisa
Both star Yang Mi as the lead female and she is as good as expected.

Both have enduring love as a main theme. There's even a separation of our OTPs with both EL and YAMS. Also a forced/contrived cohabitation after finding each other again.

In both you can feel our OTPs almost unbearable pull towards each other. Male leads in both have amazing chemistry with Yang Mi's characters and both can be forceful and imposing(kissing scenes in both the drama and the movie was scorching) but show their gentle sides too. Huang Xiaoming and Mark Chao both have the most amazing jawlines though Mark is undoubtedly the better actor.

EL had the best soundtrack I've heard in a while but there is also YAMS' OST: Silent by Na Ying that stood out. If you're still hung up over EL give YAMS a try if you have 2 hours to spare.
Recommended by reinie
In both dramas

- Fated lovers meet in many lifetimes.
- Great costuming
- strong love story
- Beautiful main leads
- stunning blue eyes on a pretty face in Novoland.
- In Novoland - Emperor of a kingdom of power falls in love with a girl from the enemy kingdom but doesn't care cause he's so in love. He defies everything to spend some time with her.
- In Eternal Love - Crown Prince of Gods falls for what his people consider an inferior enemy. He doesn't defy everything, and he makes stupid mistakes, but he learns the error of his ways.
- Female lead initially loves another but her true love is the male lead.
- Male lead totally and devastatingly in love with female lead.
- Male lead never ever deviates on his love for her, or cheats. He's a one woman man.
Recommended by SSKF
Boss & Me got me started on my love for Mainland dramas which lead to finding Xianxa through Zao Zanilia's Journey of Flower through to Eternal Love.

Both dramas feature male leads who are powerful and cold to start of with but when they fell for the female lead they never deviated. Ye Hua and Feng Teng were the definition of 'Laser-focused'... there wasn't even a hint of a chance for the female love rivals (not that I felt at all sorry for either)

They both acknowledge the romance and couple up very early on, none of this dragging out will they-won't-they business and work through their problems with varying degrees of maturity and success. Both happy endings too. You will fall for both dramas OTPs like a ten-ton brick.

Fabulous chemistry and solid acting. Yang Mi and Zhao Zanilia are both adorable and beautiful and most importantly THEY CAN ACT. Mark Chao is also specially amazing.

Those put off by CGI don't be, its inconsequential and the plot and characters will be what you care about. I've got to say though EL had better cast of characters (It seems like there are hundreds but I loved all of them) than Boss & Me. I watched both dramas twice each now and will probably watch EL again in the near future.
Recommended by reinie
It is almost the same name the only thing is that one of them said the ledgendary school.
Recommended by Angela
They are both period dramas with lovely misunderstandings and heartbreaks that will make you cry and afterwards you will be wandering around to find a drama to replace this one!
Recommended by Hira
-Periodical Ancient Chinese drama
-Adorable male protagonist
-Great chemistry between the protagonists
-Pretty female antagonists with evil plots
-Beautiful costumes
-Contains palace, concubines & maids
-Woman power
-Great story
Recommended by KOKONATTSU
Dilraba Dilmurat & Zhang Vin are in here as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Recommended by KOKONATTSU
Zhang Vin spends a lot of sad, reminiscing times looking for his lost lover XDDDDD
Recommended by KOKONATTSU
- Fantasy
- Good budget dramas
- Strong female leads
- Beautiful visuals
- Both share the reborn / revive theme
- Unconditional / forbidden / one sided love
- Sympathetic and interesting characters
- Beautiful costumes
- Hot leads
- Memory loss
- Great OST (though Ice fantasy's ost is slightly better)
- Lots of characters and character development
- Action takes place in multiple realms
- Multiple clans
- Multiple arcs / trials
- Tragedy
Recommended by blabla100
There are many similar plot points, but in general so I don't spoil anything, both are great romances with an intriguing overarching plot. The male leads are both princes while the female leads are from a different "clan". Ten Miles of Peach Blossom has more fantasy elements, but the development between the leads are similar (they get together early on) . If you love one, you'll definitely love the other!
Recommended by MiraiArtx
it have almost the same names. It most the same exact same thing.Also both have powers.
Recommended by kaitlyn