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Another Miss Oh Episode 16

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  • Aired: June 21, 2016

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Another Miss Oh Episode 16 Reviews

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Nov 30, 2016

Okay, what game is that old guy playing!

What is the game this old guy is playing? No one is that bored. So he wanted to get rid of Tae Jin becase of his corrupt partner. But now he's helping the corrupt guy and turned so quickly to help take down Do Kyeong. What is this gold guy planning.

Not to mention someone needs to knock Do Kyeong's mom down off her peg. It's true it was all set in motion by her selfish actions. I love that Do Kyeong is okay with it because it brought him to Oh Hae Yeong #1. The moments of these two protecting and loving each other was intense.

The face off between Oh Hae Yeong and Tae Jin felt so real. Her words echoed many of the thoughts I had about his decisions and his motives for wanting her back.

Loved how much Do Kyeong's coworkers/friends showed how much they love him. It was perfect. Totally awesome. Not to mention Anna and Park Hoon relationship is in totally awesome the awesome zone. Anna kicked butt and earned respect.

In contrast Lee Ji Sang and Lee Ji Sang's relationship is entering is not leaving Boredom Ville. Really I kind of want it to be over. Give me something epic and worthy of them, or just stop it. Please.

To be quite honest the pacing, crying, and dragging out is kind of killing some of the impact. I'm so happy with the awesomeness of the characters and then suddenly we're pulled into another boring reel or dragged out scene. There's a point where making it dramatic enters it making it dramatically long so it's boring.

Two more episodes left I feel like there was so much wasted time and hope that the next two episodes can pull it all off.

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