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Another Miss Oh Episode 5

The Suffering Heart to Frenzy

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  • Aired: May 16, 2016

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Another Miss Oh Episode 5 Reviews

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Jul 17, 2016

Bras inserts . . .

Bras inserts. If you wear them, don't be ashamed. They can fly/fall out. But hey, she got -- to laugh for the first time!

That said, it's really lame that they're going with an illness. I thought so, but in my mind that doesn't save you. You're getting married to the person who loves you, why wouldn't you talk to them? Why would you simple leave on your wedding day shattering them? How could you not even for an instant think about how that person would feel? Or that you could just waltz back and pick up things. They're also trying to make Hae Yeong #2 seem nice. But how nice can she truly be if she can't see how poorly everyone treats Hae Yeong #1 because/for her. They pick on Hae Yeong #1 to get #2's attention.

(Okay, so the illness isn't officially confirmed, but I'll have the last word when it is next episode!)

I know hands are really expressive. However, in Another Miss Oh I feel like they're really important. Between the shots of hands and the sometimes present sounds effects or important music it seems that way. Especially Do Kyeong's scrapped up hand.

Oh, my gosh! The scene with Soo Kyeong chasing Li Sang with the baseball bat is hilarious!! Not to mention that Do Kyeong simply watches. Following in his car. Ha-ha!

While I think what Hae Yeong #1 is setting up with Do Kyeong coming to pick her up, I totally understand. I felt petty and victorious too watching #2's face fall. Great work to the writer and actress for really making me feel it.

I really hope that Hae Yeong #2 can come to see things from Hae Yeong's view point. Or can get a taste of her own medicine. Maybe not from Hae Yeong #1, but from life.

While I still may not feel for Hae Yeong's (#1) drinking, I am growing to truly like her. I'm curious how things will play out. Especially with her deciding to give love her all onto she's dumped. I noticed since I first saw episode 1 that Lee Jae Yoon's character, Tae Jin, got bumped to a main role. So I'm wondering if he'll come back into Hae Yeong #1's life.

Personally if you can be cruel enough to dump someone because you think it's better for them you don't deserve that person.

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Jun 2, 2016


OH COME ON! I knew they would do it! I knew they would give her a 'understandable' reason for not showing up at the wedding. She must've been oh so noble finding out she is dead sick or somethin' and didn't want to burden him in he future and went to Germany for treatment. -_- It was so obvious. I wish they just made her really commit a mistake and just elope.
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