Man to Man



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Both dramas have..

-undercover spies that are awkward with emotional feelings
-spies end up have some relationship to an idol
-cute, fun, spunky sidekicks/side characters
-romantic relationships that affect the spies' mission
-fun comedy
-stoic male leads
-male leads' sunglasses give them an unexpected amount of personality that speaks for itself
-female leads use a friend to attract male leads' attention
-unexpected plot development
-fun, enjoyable, romancy
Recommended by OKasiandrama
- They both share the romance/comedy/action combination genre.
- Both male leads serves as bodyguards
- Both male leads have a military background
- Both female leads have an interesting personality
- The plot of presidential candidates exists in both dramas
- Power, mind games/manipulation, corruption is in both
Recommended by HealerDoge
They are both funny, and of course, has that guardian angel that has insane skills.
I have not finished Man to Man yet, but I plan to. And Terius Behind You, is a big reason why. So, if you have not seen Man to Man yet, I strongly recommend it. You can find it on Netflix, or at the other sources.
Recommended by 7dnesellevoll
Both having to do with the main male lead having to complete some sort of mission undercover with someone at the side who helps. Also the main male leads has to protect someone in order to complete this sort of mission.

The main female lead is a fan/in love with the second main male lead but ends up falling for the main male lead and is also main reason why bad people are going after her.

The second main male lead seems to have an optimistic personality on the outside but on the inside he is torn apart.

Both have a lot of action.
Recommended by WsupItsAnna
This drama is also about bodyguards, with an action, romance, and thriller tag and feel to it. Personally from the trailer itself I think it gives off a funny vibe too. And it also has 16 episodes just like SWDBS :)
Recommended by Ellie
Both involve a celebrity and his relationship with his bodiguard.
Recommended by Loving_Roots