City Hunter Episode 20

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Young Joo is dead and his father wakes up from his coma. Jin Pyo kills Chun Jae Man. Yoon Sung reads the file and finds out that his father, President Choi, is the last target. Seo Yong Hak lies and says that the president is the one who planned the sweep mission. Pil Jae, Young Joo's subordinate, gets angry when Yoon Sung comes to the funeral, saying it is all his fault because he is the City Hunter and vows to catch him. Pil Jae tells the president that Yoon Sung is Kyung Hee son. Because Yoon Sung sent copies of the confidential file to media outlets, the president was impeached. Jin Pyo heads to kill the president but finds Yoon Sung waiting for him. Jin Pyo shoots the president, but Yoon Sung jumps in front of the bullet, Na Na then shoots Jin Pyo. Jin Pyo lies and says he is the City Hunter, before being killed by the bodyguards. Time pass by, Yoon Sung is still alive, Na Na's father is dead, Ki Joon and Eun Ah are getting married, and a memorial was built for the dead soldiers.
  • Aired: July 28, 2011

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Mar 27, 2014

Enjoyed the ending

I'm really sad that the prosecutor died, but overall I really enjoyed this episode. I'm glad the dad sacrificed himself for Yoon Sung.
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Mar 20, 2013

re: not so good

Hm... For me only last scene seemed unfinished somehow... - this 'cut in the middle' feeling was disappointing indeed. But in the same time I thought maybe producers themselves didn't realise it was ending already;P ~~ was it for 2'nd season to come?:) It would be veeeery nice ^^
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Dec 16, 2012

not so good

if I can just watch Kdramas without watching the final episode !
it's always disappointing
why can't you people make it good till the end ?!!
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