City Hunter



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8.9 Healer (2014)
both of these dramas have the theme of mystery and action, and the main leads are really similar!
Recommended by blbtna
so exciting..wonderful acting.....and really incredible.....!!!!!!!!!!!
Recommended by saraneh2
7.8 Kurosagi (2006)
Although one is a kdrama and the other a jdrama, both leads are awesome badasses that catch bad guys. Like City Hunter, Kurosagi is face-paced. Lee Min Ho is hot, Yamapi is hot. Watch it.
Recommended by xxpopopxx
First of all, both star either Lee Seung Gi or Lee Min Ho, who would past that up?

Second, both consist of action (City Hunter has more action), and the acting between the two leads are very similar.

They both have very cold demeanors, but of course have a vulnerable side as well. I love both romances within the dramas, although the female lead in You're All Surrounded might have been more similar. It's difficult to explain, but if you liked this. YOU WILL LOVE CITY HUNTER. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN CITY HUNTER. SHAME ON YOU!

Recommended by mylilownaznworld
8.2 Faith (2012)
The main actor :D
And of course - good plot, actions scenes and romance :D
Recommended by Klaudia
Both action dramas with breathtaking fighting scenes and all. Lee Min looks hella sexy just like Jung Kyung Ho <3
Recommended by PrincessJennifer
7.7 Shark (2013)
Both stories are exciting revenge tales. But they're also quite different.
Recommended by Adjacent
Both r revengeful and romantic kdramas. City hunter is a modern era drama whereas TPM a seguk. Both has strong female leads. Also both leads r attached to the villains on hunt.
Give it a try.. It won't disappoint u...
Recommended by Anjaly
Same director, same feel (at least for the first episodes of DS). One has a medical-spy plot with political implications, whereas the other concentrates on the political-spy part.
Recommended by APenguinInMyNextLife
8.2 The K2 (2016)
This drama is a delicious combination of City Hunter + Healer + Mask + Descendants of The Sun
It has a military plot as DOTS, but with a darker atmosphere. It has the same political and bodyguard theme as City Hunter. Healer comes to this mix because the male lead is the same, and he have to hide his identity.
I also put Mask here bacause it has a similar feeling around the girl in K2 and the male lead in Mask, both from important/rich families that have to hide thenselves or they true selves from public image.
Very good drama! The action is insane and the male lead is superb in his acting, the cast is very very good!
Hope you enjoy as much as I am!
Recommended by userbmc
they both have that actiony revenge thing going on
Recommended by bowbow
8.5 Iljimae (2008)
its almost the same story and has a lot of action. iljimae drama is historic while city hunter a modern version of it
Recommended by TeeDee
Just because both are my most favourite out of all k-shows. Also they have awesome story line and beautiful casted couples.
Recommended by min_heart
''Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur'' m'a tout de suite fait penser à ''City Hunter''. Nous avons quelques similitudes comme :
- un personnage assez solitaire, élevé par un homme pour accomplir un ou des missions.
- une histoire d'amour impossible, puisqu'il n'est pas autorisé à avoir une relation. Cela pourrait avoir des répercutions sur l'accomplissement de ses missions,
Recommended by WODP
The main actor in both of them is Lee Min Ho. HE LOOKS REALLY GOOD IN BOTH OF THEM! <3333
Recommended by Amy Tang