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Lucky Romance Episode 1

7.8/10 from 40 users
May 25, 2016
Shim Bo-nui searches at a casino for her boss who ran off with her salary. Meanwhile, Je Soo Ho is about to announce his company's new game, Genius II. Two of the engineers try to… read more

Lucky Romance Episode 2

8.0/10 from 31 users
May 26, 2016
After Bo-nui's attempt to catch a tiger ends in failure, pro tennis player Choi Gun-wook moves into her apartment building. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 3

8.2/10 from 29 users
Jun 01, 2016
Bo-nui lets Soo-ho into her room after mistaking him for her date, but now Gun-wook waits outside. Bo-nui frantically stops Soo-ho from leaving. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 4

8.6/10 from 28 users
Jun 02, 2016
Bo-nui agrees to the contract on the condition that Soo-ho dates her for three weeks. She tells him that it's a matter of life and death. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 5

8.6/10 from 23 users
Jun 08, 2016
After seeing Soo-ho's gentle side Bo-nui asks him to spend the night, only to be refused. Gun-wook takes the downcast Bo-nui to the tennis court. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 6

8.8/10 from 27 users
Jun 09, 2016
Bo-nui tries to apologize to Soo-ho and tells him the truth but he drives away. Soo-ho can't keep his mind off her and follows her after work. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 7

8.7/10 from 20 users
Jun 15, 2016
Bo-nui despairs as the full moon arrives without her accomplishing her task to save her sister. Soo-ho worries for her as she heads out into the rain. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 8

9.3/10 from 23 users
Jun 16, 2016
Resigned to Bo-ra's fate, Bo-nui heads down to the river alone. The next day she returns a missed call from the hospital and receives some news. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 9

8.9/10 from 15 users
Jun 22, 2016
Thanks to Soo-ho being her talisman, Bo-nui is able to see her sister. Touched by his kindness, she talks about her past as they sit in the park. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 10

9.0/10 from 19 users
Jun 23, 2016
After spending the night watching over Soo-ho, Bo-nui is late for Gun-wook's TV appearance the next day and doesn't answer his calls. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 11

9.2/10 from 13 users
Jun 29, 2016
Bo-nui tells Soo-ho how she really feels but asks him to forget about her. But when Bo-ra opens her eyes Bo-nui asks him to be her talisman again. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 12

9.3/10 from 17 users
Jun 30, 2016
Bo-nui draws Soo-ho's anger after trying to help his mother reconcile their family. A picture of Bo-nui and Gun-wook together appears online. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 13

7.1/10 from 14 users
Jul 06, 2016
Soo-ho can't stand being apart from Bo-nui and comes back from his trip early. After spending the night at her place he makes an announcement at work. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 14

8.2/10 from 13 users
Jul 07, 2016
Soo-ho loses his entire fortune and resigns from the company. Ryang-ha invites him to stay at his place, but Soo-ho worries about Bo-nui being aloof. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 15

7.0/10 from 10 users
Jul 13, 2016
After Soo-ho shields Bo-nui and gets hit by a car, Bo-nui blames herself for everything and runs away from Soo-ho and the company. (Source: Netflix)

Lucky Romance Episode 16

7.8/10 from 11 users
Jul 14, 2016
Bo-nui is living with Bo-ra and teaching computers to the elderly as she plans a new game, while Soo-ho has started over at a new company. (Source: Netflix)