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This drama is so wonderful. It was my first drama with Ryu Jun Yeol and .... he is so amazing and full of charms :3 ! I really fell in a deep love with him <3 . Hwang Jung Eum like always is stunning, it's because of her that i think that this drama is similar to She Was Pretty. She brought this atmosphere. Like 94loveKdrama said the loveline give you butterflies in your stomach.

I dont know why but the end was a little bit disappointing, i means i really loved the ending it was what I wanted but ... i feel like i was a little bit neglect

But I recommend this drama to everyone , i'm serious ! Please watch it ! ^^
Recommended by Melanie
Both dramas have similar stories with their differences. Both have a superstitious element to it, both have a CEO who are charismatic, both have that perfect 'second' lead that the girl never chooses, both have great OST, both have some really funny, romantic and cute scenes, both females have changed their CEOs. The difference- one is light and the other is a darker drama.
Recommended by dedaisies
Both dramas are about a CEO of a company who has difficulties of talking in public because they have different personalities. The girls are more extroverted and they get involved because of workplace.
Recommended by userbmc
Both feature adorable male leads (who happen to be CEOs of successful gaming companies);

Both feature leading ladies who are very unique, and who work in video game development;

Both male leads fall in love with their rather quirky/unusual leading ladies;

Both shows have second leads who are the leading lady's childhood friend.

SWDBS and LR are romantic comedies, but SWDBS has some incredibly dark thriller moments that are lacking in LR, while LR has more melodrama/teary moments than SWDBS.
Recommended by Nernel
It has a boss who needs protection from society, cameras and attention. Rom coms and have similar vibes.
Recommended by bamsa
Both have..

-female lead involved in superstition / psychic revolations / fortune-telling
-male leads who are seriously traumatized
-logical, calculating and uninterest genius (actual genius in LR, proud in MA) male leads
-SUPER awkward side-couple
-pushy second leads

I personally prefer Lucky Romance, better cast, better storyline, more likable characters and over-all fun and an enjoyable romance.

Madame Antoine's leads had little chemistry, an unclear plot, feelings didn't feel real or important.
Recommended by OKasiandrama
The female and male lead characters are quite similar. She's kind of spastic/all over the place and super expressive/emotional, he's standoffish/ introverted and intimidating to others, she ignores all that and interacts with him anyways. It's a silly romantic-comedy at it's core.
Recommended by Wolfie689
If you loved Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo because of the excessive fluff and cute moments between the two leads and an adorable (boyfriend material) male lead and for the comedic moments, then you'll love Lucky Romance!! They both have rivalry drama, although Lucky Romance is more dramatic and Weightlifting Fairy is more slow paced; the storyline of the two are not similar at all but more so the cute romance and male lead is what I find similar !
Recommended by Shay
Both have pretty similar vibe. Both dramas contain serious moments, hilarious parts and super cute main couple, which you may learn a thing or two from watching it.
Recommended by Banana
The male lead are both CEO of an IT company and both ocd yet gentle and caring to their employee. The female heroine are the same in a way of pursuing the boss. Both dramas are funny, romantic with good amount of drama.
Recommended by harumasgirl
Both have arregent hard to deal with nerds who have been hurt with love, but find romance in the most unexpected ways.
Recommended by AppleMonstar
Both dramas have cold, brilliant male leads working on IT company, living an unsocial life and disliking romantic relationship (both for different reason).
Recommended by Roxyna
Both these romcoms have a female lead whose different, quirky and bizzare. Oh Hae Young is perhaps more impulsive. Both females find themselves blurting amuzing embarassing things or situations. Both males are closed off and cold, seldom smile and even socially inept. Jo Se Ho in lucky romance is also bit nerdy and has an additional dimension in his character that really draws you in. Both become unwillingly drawn to the female lead and behave out of character.
Both dramas have poor first episode but gets better. The good acting and interactions compels you to follow their story.
Recommended by sharreb
-For some circumstances both female leads want to spend a night with the male lead.

-Both have a superstitious element.
Recommended by Roxyna