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The story are completely different but both drama have the same type of humor, rather off the wall. They are just hilarious (well you like it or you hate it).
Recommended by beo
They both take place in the Entertainment Agencies, but Skip Beat is slightly more lighter tone than The King of Dramas. They both have Choi Si Won in it & I like him in both series in my opinion.
Recommended by hiphop123
The way how the protagonist has to take care of the male lead is similar
Recommended by Nagy Hanna
Female lead who follows their childhood male friend to another city only to be disappointed by him.
Female lead learns, grows and works on improving herself into a confident individual for her own sake.
Male lead falls in love female lead while helping her.
Recommended by sealight
the main female protagonists are very similar both are a bit quirky and very silly while frightening to people around them sometimes. Also i think it's funny how seriously the situations which could be fairly simple are taken.
Recommended by 18jade
Even though this is not exactly the same, the plot somehow is similar - both are in the showbiz world and have to deal with a really difficult actor.
It's a romantic story, also funny :)
Recommended by LMitsuki
both have a female lead who follows and help
their childhood male friend
Recommended by mendyi91
Both are about women who are dumped by their superstar boyfriends. Skip Beat! is more about revenge against ex-boyfriend, whereas Lovesick is more about getting over ex-boyfriend (kinda).
Recommended by tattylovestofly
Choi Si Won as main role again. Although he is arguably completely different in this drama (as he is even speaking a different language), he is just as amazing in this! I recommendand it completetly!
Recommended by SweetRomance123
The female leads are both fighting for their dreams and end up in a cleaning job. Both female leads encounter a male lead they do not get along with at first.
Recommended by lattebean_
Both dramas are about the female lead trying to make it as an actress by starting from the bottom. In both dramas, they get help from a veteran actor. In Skip Beat, the main girl uses her past to fuel her ambition, while in Dear Prince, the main girl struggles to overcome her phobia. Dear Prince is more of a supernatural drama, while Skip Beat can be considered an idol drama.
Recommended by Misunderst0_od
Basically the same storyline with the female lead trying to survive the acting industry while improving their acting skills.
Recommended by AnniseChen
Even though the plots are different from each other, the main concept of a girl trying to change into something better is what links them together. In Skip Beat! the main character is going through a change of look/career/life out of revenge, while in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, she is being transformed into a lady for the her own sake. Both dramas are funny, with romance aspirations and with moments that will make you "awwwwww". Not to mention the actors are really skilled. I really recommend both of them.
Recommended by ruerae
They both have a good girl trying to become an actress in them. Even though reasons for that are different.
Recommended by StellarJ