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Goblin Episode 3

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Kim Shin pushes Eun Tak on whether she can see something about him nobody else can, but Eun Tak has other things on her mind. (Source: DramaFever)

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  • Aired: December 09, 2016

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Goblin Episode 3 Reviews

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Dec 10, 2016

The ending!

Usually I don't get excited this early in dramas but I was geninuely excited when I was able to watch this episode after the EP2 cliffhanger.

I simply live for the bromance between the Grim Reaper and the Goblin. I mean, who doesn't? They have a love hate relationship which makes the drama give a nicer and lighter mood away from the main pairing. Although - I love the main pairing between Eun Tak and the Goblin too but I don't understand their progress and Eun Tak's actions during this episode. When she instinctively felt safe by the car splitting but then talking more formally while they were at the restaurant - it's probably me, but it's confusing. She always gets surprised and acts kind of different everytime she summons him or he appears.
I also love Sungjae's character also. He's funny and acts like a typical teenager.
The other pairing in the show also met fre the first time! The restaurant owner and the Grim Reaper met. Yes! I was waiting for this one as I was curious to how they felt about each other and what their relation to each other was. Can't wait for their progress :)
Althogether this was a really nice episode and the plotline progress was steady and good.

The ending was predictable but nevertheless amazing, I got actual goosebumps when she pointed at his chest and the sword appeared. Wow.

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Dec 10, 2016

The one thing this drama is definitely doing right is the BROMANCE! >_<

The one thing this drama is definitely doing right is the BROMANCE! &gt;_&lt; Holy cow Wang Yeo and Kim Shin are great characters together. From saving Ji Eun Tak and talking telepathically together about why she wasn't thanking them, to talking about whether the person Kim Shin has a grudge against was reincarnated! (Loved that whole "if he was reincarnated as a girl I'll be happy" and his little dance! The power of k-pop. I bet he was thinking: "If you are a girl idol you're being punished enough. Dance monkey, dance!")

One drama friend pointed out some reasons why Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin weren't working romantically for her, and it clicked for me too! So the whole second episode where Ji Eun Tak is running around Canada Kim Shin is basically babysitting. Not to mention that, while totally adorable, Ji Eun Tak is the puppy dog girl. She moons over him with big eyes, runs around in circles around him and when he disappears she must find him and wait! She loves/likes him no matter what he does. Heck this episode he even petted her. (He said patted, I say petted.) While I love the actress playing Ji Eun Tak I feel like the character is a bunch of stereotypes smashed together at this point.

Just like the love story she's not developed beyond the idea. At this point there isn't enough between them to convince me of their intense feelings. It creeps me out at this stage and I really want them to grow as a couple so that I can be involved. It doesn't help that I feel like there's gonna be a time jump soon. I feel it looming.

Another thing. What is with the flashback and endless staring scenes? Okay, so I get the staring scenes are "art pieces". All of them make lovely backgrounds. The flashbacks of things that just happened are so sloppy! The story is compelling don't waste it.

I also don't like that she caved just to keep him there. *sighs*

There's many promising aspects here, but I want the romance to hit home. Not be just a pretty collaboration of images. That's not to say some of the dialogue between them wasn't better this episode.

Another thing is I'm very interested in Yoo Deok Hwa involvement. So when he took the book was it only because he was following Kim Shin's orders to find out everything about Ji Eun Tak? Why was his timing so perfect to make her pay for it? Is he working for the old/young woman. (Who I found out is the Goddes of Birth?) I found Sunny and Wang Yeo's meeting interesting, but then not fully explored. (Cut down the flashbacks and wasted pacing.) The old woman who now is young, is she like a fate? She's not a goblin, I'm so curious. (Edit: So it says the old woman is the Goddess of Birth. Hmmmmm. Very interesting.)

I enjoyed seeing a nice person waiting for Wang Yeo's soul retrieval. Don't get me wrong that guy shouldn't have died! It must of been heartening for Wang Yeo to see someone who only cared about others die/a good soul. The man's reaction to finding out that he had died, but had saved a life was very heart warming.

At least there's a lot of promising aspects and I truly love the bromance. The OST is blowing my mind. I'm obsessed with it. I hope the writing can improve and totally sweep my mind away.

(On a side note I could totally live with seeing Kim Shin doing some more k-pop dancing. Ha-ha.)

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Dec 9, 2016

So curious about the Soul Reaper

I wonder whats his story with Sunny
He even started to cry unconsciously

And the bromance this time was above all limits hahaha Couldn't stop laughing.
Can't wait for episode 4
Love everything about this dorama
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