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Both dramas deal with powerful plotting women and men that are changing sides. In both dramas a murderer plays an important role and involves nearly all the people.
Although the K2 has more action to offer for now, the suspense and the mystery and plotting between the characters is a lot similar.
Recommended by Lou
Both dramas have an intriguing mysterious plot! In Whisper police investigation takes place but in a different way.Political corruption also dominates the drama!

Really intresting plot!!
Recommended by billitsa
Both dramas include lawyers who solve a crime that is close to home. In Defendant the victims were his wife and daughter whilst in Whisper the assailant is his new bride and her lover (so he his less inclined at the beginning to solve it). In both dramas they have a female helping them solve the crime. Both have similar feeling to them as well.
Recommended by AmynaA
Both of them have great cast, amazing variou artis's ost, nice cinematography and good story line. Misty and Whisper show us strong-role of the female leads. And i think you would have the same feel when you watch Misty and Whisper.
Recommended by koreandrama_music
Both have strong female leads that tackle injustice that happened to someone close to them.
Angry Mom tackles injustice in school and Whisper tackles the injustice in the law and judicial system.
Recommended by hiphop123
Same actors (Lee Bo Young).. with law, detective, full mystery background sound intetesting..
Recommended by FofiSafiera
In boht:
You don't know who you can trus
Money governs everyone's actions
Marriage of convenience for the male lead
The FL loses everything
Mental games, machinations and espionage
Recommended by Claire