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The Legend of the Blue Sea



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The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

Besides having the wonderful Jun Ji Hyun as a main character one again, both dramas explore mystical being and "past lives".
Recommended by DurHanNi
Both about past lives and how that affected the characters' current lives.

In both dramas, the leads remember their past.

Both have supernatural elements outside of the past life/future life trope.

Both have wonderful OSTs. CT is more artfully done while Legend is more quirky and fun.
Recommended by Irene
Both are romantic and fantastic dramas with interesting plot and charming characters (with different topics). In both girls must to hide their another magical side (but in Leh Nangfah she defeats a curse).
Recommended by tora_pl
Both dramas are about a mermaid/merman and human falling in love.
Recommended by foreverwitchy
8.7 W (2016)
The crime part of the story in W reminded me of The Legend Of The Blue Sea
Both are Love story with cute and sad parts as well
(and with their own kind of humour)
Recommended by Nagy Hanna
9.1 Goblin (2016)
I feel like these two dramas are very similar in a way. It's basically about the past but the drama is in the present form. Both are interesting and the bromance is cute! xD
Recommended by Drama_Lover
Also about a mermaid falling in love with a human. Also a cute cast, beautiful, funny (and a bit sad) story + it's short but enough to fill you with good emotions.

*There are some similarities in the 1st episodes (the mall, the food...), perhaps there will be some more till the end of Legend of the blue sea.
Recommended by Izida
The two of them about two lifetimes one in the past and one in the present and they are trying to change the history maybe in a different way but for me i think they are really similar and the both of them are good
Recommended by Banada6
Supernatural, spunky female lead (ghost in Arang, mermaid in Legend) with a male lead that starts off indifferent but changes because of the female. Both males have to protect the females throughout the drama. Both males are also looking for their mothers. Both have fantasy, mystery, comedy, drama and romance, and both are based off Korean folktales.
Recommended by Hanah
Water always is the mystery entity.... for SSL it's time travel and for LotBS is memories. In a sense, they're both time travel and show how love has no time but overall they have the same comedic feeling and "foreigner" trying to get accustomed to life in a new world.
Recommended by Kelly
They have the same kind of fluffy feeling in the beginnings and the way Joon Jae has to teach nearly everything about the world to Sim Chim Chung is similar as Louis hardships to get know the world. So in SKL the girl teaches the boy about how to live a normal life and in LOTBS the boy teaches the girl.
One more thing: in Legend of The Blue Sea Joon Jae forgat Shim Chung because she erased his memories. On Shopping King Louis he also forgat everything because he had amnesia.
Recommended by Nagy Hanna
Maybe am still stuck with Moon Lovers, but you can see how both revolves around history and present with reincarnation of the main characters. If you love destined romance which repeats itself despite the passing time, then you definitely will love this.
Recommended by Eos
6.8 Mermaid (2016)
Its also a mermaid story. Bt much bettr than " the mermaid". The only thing is its a Korean drama
Recommended by Anjaly
Plots of both stories are really similar. Both are about unfortunate love in Joeson era that repeats again in our time to have happy ending. There is a little of fantasy also: mysterious time travelling in Rooftop Prince, and mermaids in Legend of the Blue Sea. Main characters have troubles adapting to modern world. And after all both series have charming love story.
Recommended by melograno