The Emperor: Owner of the Mask



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Both involve identity switching to protect someone of high status. Both are historical dramas with the following included genre's 'romance', 'drama', and 'political'. Both are also set in the Joseon Dynasty.
Recommended by hideyourheart
The two main male leads fighting for the throne and the main antagonist runs the evil organization that controls the people.
Recommended by TakeRyo
Similarities that you can see in both of them:

-There is a problem in the country's ruling and at least the citizens are unhappy with it.
-There is an evil organization that is connected to the counrty's ruling.
-There is a love connected to a little duration of being together, and a parting apart with a "Remember me with this when we become together in the future again!" object.
-There is a main character who has to hide his identity with a mask.
-Full of action.
-The heroine and the main character are both brave.
-Both are historical.
-Both are very great!
Recommended by Vologirlchan
Both involve bringing justice for the people, and involve a bit of romance. Personally, both of the weak points in both of these dramas are the romance.

The two dramas have different dynamics. Emperor: Owner of the Mask involves the people & the palace versus the Pyungsoo group. Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People involves the rebels and the palace.

Both place the focus onto the main character who develops into a true leader.
Recommended by ruby
Scholar Who Walks The Night and The Emperor: Owner of the mask have similarities. Both story is developing the crown prince to become a great King.

It's because there is a cruel person/vampire that stand behind the Kings order and the Prince were forced to serve that person/vampire in order to keep his people save.

In The Emperor: Owner of The Mask there is Daemok. In Scholar Who Walks The Night there is a vampire called Gwi.
Recommended by Nurul Hana