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Although Sweet 18 is a drama and My Little Bride is a movie, they are quite similar. Both involves arranged marriage between a high school kid and an older guy which their grandparents chose for them. They are both very cute as well.
Recommended by Oppa-kiss-me
My Little Bride is a Korean remake of My Wife Is 18. Both them are about high schoolgirl marrying an older guy. There are a few more similarities but the storyline and even the personalities of characters are totally different.
Recommended by Standamon318
Relationship between an older guy and younger girl.
Recommended by TPixie_12
It is similar in a sense that it is a marriage between a minor girl (a high school girl) and an adult guy.
In MLB, they got married because of a grandfather's wish. In PJK, they got married because the husband is conscious that people will say something if he pursues only a relationship with a minor, so he chooses to marry to make things official and protect the girl by making her his wife.

They are similar in a sense that in both movies, the "marriage" had to be kept a secret from school and classmates. Only family and some close friends know of the "marriage". Both families have approved of the said marriage.

Only difference is on MLB, the girl purposely had a relationship with another boy just because she cannot accept the marriage as it is. But on PJK, the girl cannot accept the fact that her husband is a policeman and is always in danger.

Both are cute and are just on the getting to know you stage since it involves high school girls.
Recommended by pinkvanilla
both have school girl-college guy romance..and the "contract" theme...
Recommended by denziltuna
Both of these movies tell you a romance story of a teacher and a student. The main difference is that in My Little Bride they're married, but in Kinkyori Renai they're just dating. Well, both are great movies with amazing cast <3
Recommended by Aiste
They're similar because both of these stories are about younger girl (high-school student) and older guy (teacher/temporary teacher). Both stories are very cute <3 In My Little Bride they're a married couple.
Recommended by Aiste
Both are about teacher-student romance, and while both of them are very cute, My Rainy Days is a bit more serious movie.
Recommended by Aiste
They're both stories about arranged marriage, but Marrying School Girl is about 2 teenagers getting married and My Little Bride is about a teenage girl marrying an older guy. Anyways, My Little Bride is so cute! It's a must-watch, I think :)
Recommended by Aiste
They both have unwanted marriage at first, but both leads, in both movies fall for each other in the end
Recommended by hiphop123