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9.2 Signal (2016)
same feeling... guess while watching signal the writer of tunnel thought- wouldn't it be better if the cop came to the future himself rather than just talking through a walkie talkie.
almost similar dramas
Recommended by TJa
8.6 Voice (2017)
Voice is a fantastic police drama. The same chanel that Tunnel.
If you like adrenaline and police mystery with much suspense, I indicate watch Voice.
You will like it from start to finish.
Recommended by Jeh
Personally, I really like Nine: Nine times Time Travel :D and after watching first episode of Tunnel, I am already addicted to it!~ Those who love time slip dramas will definitely love this too :) (if you aren't too picky) It brings me laughter (natural type of comedy), tears, nervousness etc. while being intense. While Nine:Nine times travel time travel via incenses, Tunnel is via Tunnel as the title mentioned.
Cases were interesting.
Recommended by Machiyo
Both dramas involve a person "traveling through time" in a way.
I'm not sure if Reunited Worlds has anything to do with time-traveling yet but it could.
Recommended by Halsyeon
8.8 Bad Guys (2014)
the plots aren't anything alike, but they're both exciting dramas. both quench the in-the-mood-for-a-crime-thriller-drama thirst.
Recommended by dearD4NI
The series Tunnel was inspired by the unsolved Hwaseong serial murders just like the movie Memories of Murder.
Recommended by Tiffany
- Yoon Hyun Min is a main lead in both dramas
- both dramas deal with crimes against women
- both deal with law and law enforcement
Recommended by Hermon
8.5 Duel (2017)
Both are crime dramas. Both are science-fiction. In Tunnel the main guy is looking for his kid. In Duel the main guy is searching for his missing daughter. However the two have completely different storylines. Tunnel has the time traveling aspect and Duel has the clone aspect.
Recommended by Halsyeon
8.2 Faith (2012)
Both dramas feature time travel to a different era.
In Tunnel, granted it is just from 1986 to present.(still a big culture shock)
In Faith it is to the Goryeo era from the present.
Both bring a little star power with their Brave and Manly leading men.
Faith's cast is lead by Lee Min Ho playing a General of the army and bodyguard to the King.
Tunnel's cast is lead by Choi Jin Hyuk playing a tough Detective who is not afraid of tackling a dangerous criminal. He is also a respected sunbae for his less experienced partners.
Both have a lead who is faithful while longing for their loved one after being separated by time.
Both are directed by Sin Yong-hwi
Both are really good dramas worth watching.

Where they are different:
Tunnel has a serial killer crime story and slightly dated outfits.
Faith has political intrigue, medicine, and of course the long hair and historical dress.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas