The Liar and His Lover Episode 3

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Apr 13, 2017

The shoe shot was total product placement.

The shoe shot was total product placement. But I actually like those shoes so it's all right. ^_- Moving on.

Han Kyeol's reaction to her song was at first frustrating and then turned into this amazing epic thing. I do believe that this episode helped to show him a bit more human, and that he is in fact humanly flawed. He's brash and says hurtful things first. Rarely backing down after he's done something harsh.

That flower wall that So Rim was walking along, I really hope it exists! That could turn anyone's day around. Not to mention So Rim and Han Kyeol's getting together and the scene with the kids in the park. Have they already had their first kiss? That whole scene really confused me. They did such a good job of covering up the kiss, if it was a kiss!

Jin Hyuk and Yoo Na have a very interesting relationship ahead of them. I do feel bad for Yoo Na. I like that the writing is addressing the pressures of the woman having a age limit and basically a sex symbol type of thing. It's sad, but very real.

Oh, and the quick picture swipe on the cell phones always gets me. I had to turn it off because I would always accidently take pictures.

The teachers in this show are crazy. I don't think any teacher has the right to judge a student and tell them to get out. Even in harsh Korean culture. Pretty sure he could really get in trouble. At least it's made up for by the crazy awesome home room teacher. I am glad he stood up for So Rim and even helped her out.

So the love triangle is now setup and the lies. ^_- I'm curious how Jin Hyuk will handle it. Very cool. This is definitely a solid feel good drama.

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