20th Century Boy and Girl



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They both have similar story concepts (famous girl, "regular" guy) and the lead males and females f both shows are really kind hearted overall good people.
Recommended by dedth
Both dramas have simple story and not too much drama. Both female leads are cute, fluffy and funny while also having similar character roles. Also the male leads are smart and affectionate. Both shows have love triangles in the beginning but as the show progress you'll notice the female lead has interest in the male lead only.
Recommended by Big Shot
I think that 20th Century Boy and Girl has the same over all feeling/vibe that The Time We Were Not in Love has. They both have similar themes of a romance between two childhood friends that isn't realized until their 30's. Both are quite light hearted.
Recommended by dedth
While the overall story lines of 20th Century Boy and Girl and Because This is My First Life are fairly different, the way the stories are presented are quite similar. They shows split the screen time between couples and occasionally pull them back together for shared scenes. Also both shows have a wholesome light feeling throughout!
Recommended by dedth
Both are feel good dramas with a strong couple that overcomes problems together. In both dramas the main leads are mature and grounded.
Recommended by Shya19