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the female lead pretend to be male. the second male lead was the one who first discovered about the pretense.
Recommended by jesy
if you like this drama To The Beautiful You is the modern version .
Recommended by _Ahsen_
korean version of hana kimi, but the comedy is not as much as hana kimi
Recommended by Vanesha888
Similar situation except a guy is dressed as a girl! To pursue he career and gain popularity as an idol!
Recommended by MingCheung
Short drama where female lead plays a male in order to save her writing career
Recommended by Dez-uh-re
Both are school dramas and love triangle and the mainlead is very popular at school
Recommended by Penny Ong
both cross dress stories. similar characters. both are very light, and fluffy, more suitable for a younger audience
Recommended by sara_a
-They both have a CReEPILY similar vibe, despite the plot being totally different
-They both take place in a very new, modern, brightly colored and unfairly spacious boarding school (although, Kim Bok Joo's is a college (so, duh, they live there) and To the Beautiful You's is a boarding high school)
-The best friends are the best part (side only to the romance if you're more into that thing)
-Both revolve around the main characters' sports and a primary plot line is training or overcoming some (or several) sport obstacle(s)
-They both feature rhythmic gymnastics as a sort of side plot (and the participants are always the mean girl)
-Both have a strikingly similar ratio of humor to drama; the humor being of the same type/style, and the drama relating to the mother of the male lead
-For some reason the school's doctor is a friend/somewhat needed side character that falls in love with one of the two lead's siblings
-Even the originally bad characters become lovable
Recommended by Tajo Mahcts
I personally enjoyed To The Beautiful You more, buttttt the gender-bender is present in both dramas. Settings are different, but the atmospheres are very similar. Both dramas also have comedy and romance surrounding said gender-bender. Both main female MC's behave similarly.
Recommended by Soula
they are both have a gender-bender genre
Recommended by phryxzia_azalea
The stories of both dramas are similar, a girl disguised as man enters in a all boys school to get closer to the man she admires.
Recommended by Just_Me_Now
There two dramas share very similar traits, such as; school based, a romance that starts badly but grows through out, sports and competition. I liked Sassy go go, however I felt like it was missing something that I definitely found in this TTBY. Also, attractive people in both (Just saying ;p).
Recommended by ArgyllC-Rice
They both have a main lead who has a concealed identity. Both male leads are athletes and there is also a second male lead that will melt your heart.
Recommended by Bella
Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu is the Taiwanese adaptation of the Japanese manga/drama Hana Kimi. To the Beautiful you is the Korean version.

Since the original story of Hana Kimi is so good, I suggest watching all the other adaptations too!
Recommended by xnopex
Both adorable which feature the two high school aged love interests living together. Serious second male lead syndrome in both.

In TTBY Tae Joon is a popular athlete and Jae Hee is the new girl. In GMC Uehara is one of the "top three" (most popular and handsome) in his school and Nao is a quiet less popular girl with a heart of gold.
Recommended by Bella