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One of the best chemistry of the leads in any Asia drama with a statisfying ending! Breathless romance and good comedy throughout!
Recommended by SUNNY
ppl who still love each other, but something in the past had broken them up, and now they are trying to figure out if their love was strong enough to withstand time
Recommended by dramalover123
Fated lovers misunderstanding each other at first then with lots of pull and push, heart wrenching drama, finally the main leads end up together.
If you love a bit angst romance then this is your cup of tea.
Recommended by Ray Saikrishna
Both dramas are melodramatic. And relationship between lead couples are similar. They both give you the same emotional vibes.
Recommended by Abzzski
Enduring love between two lovers separated over the years but still longing for each other. Through hardship and problems they learn not to let go.
Recommended by Ichoos
In both dramas we have large corporations. Love between boss and employee. A dispute between competing companies. We also have jealous women and many lovers of men in the main heroine.
Recommended by Miss Lee
Both couples knew each other and were dating in the past but they broke up for sad reasons and misunderstandings. After the break, they try to recover and continue on their own path.
They finally meet again after some years and finish to have to work together.
Both dramas will follow how they will face this situation. How there will deal with their past, will they be able to get over their painful separation and love each other.
Recommended by lu R
- Love that spans over the course of years
- Parted ways/broke up to only meet years later
- The two male leads play the role of the CEO of their company
Recommended by paradoxx
The story include love story between two people, through ups and down, misunderstanding and love from both leads.

The couple has great chemistry and drawn the angst out of viewers.

I love it.

Happy-end included.
Recommended by Ichoos
The story is relationship ups and down. I have a lover has darker, more mature take on relationship, but the angst and heart wrenching tale are similar.

The difference lies in the lead who in this drama actually fell for another girl.

Happy end guarantee.
Recommended by Ichoos
This drama is both a workforce romance, where the male lead is both the CEO of their company. Some differences is that Here to Heart is a more tech-based ( I think LOL) company while Sweet Dreams is a flower company.

One big similarity is that the female lead is head over heels over the male lead, especially in Sweet Dreams. For Here to Heart, both main leads are technically in love with each other even after 7 years but it's less explicit.

Personally, I feel like Here to Heart is little less expressive, though it was kind of the whole point since both leads are supposed to be scarred due to past relationship when they are young. I don't know, maybe a little too expressionless though? And the female leader, although great, was somewhat too dead and even though she loves the male lead, somewhere can't express herself until later in the drama.

Even so, I still liked the drama. I didn't love it but it wasn't bad. :)
Recommended by katherina
I watched the Hear to Heart on Netflix and was thoroughly enjoying the drama. The episodes is quite long but it’s so worth to watch it again and again! I was too worn out weeping, crying during/after the lovers emotional reunion. I am drawn to both lead actress “Nuan” and lead actor “Nan Xian”, they are my favorites couples now and hope to see them both in more dramas.
I would definitely recommend and re-watch this drama again.
Recommended by krystal168
The main leads were very much in love with one another when they were younger, however, the woman suddenly breaks up with the man and disappears from his life. Later on, she shows up in front of him and hopes to reconcile and mend his heart because of her choice to leave him.
Recommended by MnK
The storyline is about enduring love from childhood to adolescent, put stop by circumstances. They main lead met again, though initially they did not recognize each other.

Very beautiful Joseon era drama, with great chemistry between the leads.
Recommended by Ichoos
The theme is enduring love. Chris Wu acting is superb and the story is very touching. Spoiler though, go to you tube for alternative ending.

Luckily in the series, they opt to give a better ending, than movies.
Recommended by Ichoos