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Both dramas follow the main couples love through many lives.
The male lead in both shows are in a position where they hold a lot of mystical power, and the female in the current lifetime the TV show is set in doesn't remember her past with the male lead.
All in all both dramas are very similar.
Recommended by GhostPrincess
not similar in term of era and concept the only similarity is one of the main lead is cure for other
Recommended by DrAmAlOvEr
The main lead is thousand years old and the girl is young and naive.
Nonhumans live among people.
Same comedy feel, funny bromances.
Recommended by Tati
In the love knot, he grew up with her and they fell in love but she was soon killed due to him being a fox, dying due to this meant that she would die before reaching the age of 24 and then be reincarnated, he finds her every time because he wants to try and fix his mistake and they fall in love, but this time is much different.

Destiny's love is much similar as his love will only live until 30 because of his mistake, then he finds her again trying to fix what he has done but they fall in love once again.
Recommended by itscelina
Both have an alien male protagonist in love with the reincarnation of a past lover. Both modern fantasy romances. The Love Knot is has a little more tragic ending but both still executed this type of genre pretty decently.
Recommended by AvianBlack
both the drama have situation FL is cure for ML disease
love not have slow pace emotional romance
yunxi have cold man cheerful girl which caught you

Recommended by DrAmAlOvEr
Both of these dramas follow a romance between a human and supernatural being. They handle a mix of comedy and seriousness while portraying a story with deeper meaning than just romance. They are also both based off of novels, as most chinese dramas are.
Recommended by yui
Very similar vibe, especially with the supernatural elements...although the relationship dynamic is somewhat different.
Recommended by purtysunshine
- Both dramas follow a love story between a human and a supernatural being for many lives.
- Main couple has to go through some sort of curse.
- The male main lead protects the female lead.
Recommended by Dramatherapy
- Both male leads have superpower (also they kinda look similar and handsome)
- ML is searching for "the girl"
- Both female leads have a hopeless life before meeting ML
Recommended by viovioxa
Both of these dramas are fictional stories about half-human man who fall in love with human woman which ultimately makes them have to deal with death as a consequence
Recommended by STKLa
Both have got heroes from another planet .And have stayed behind for a reason.Both dramas have excellent comedy and romance.
Recommended by Hazel kaya
-funny- fantasy- reincarnation- no memory of past-love triangle- Guy has supernatural powers.-They have a mix of comedy and seriousness while portraying a story with deeper meaning than just romance.
Recommended by Hazel kaya
Same fantasy type elements
Male peruses female
Comedy mixed in
Both have the same feel

Koran odyssey is more action packed and intense and love knot is a bit more subdued but still great.
Recommended by jillmg