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Both have a remarkable cast,, acting, storyline, romance, and witty dialogue. Both are "feel good"dramas that you will want to watch again and again! Wish the new ones were as good!
Recommended by pattyrn4
Both Last Christmas and Orange Days are really great romance shows with great chemistry between the leads and a comfy youthful atmosphere. Both shows revolve around a female lead with a health issue. In the case of Orange Days the main lead is deaf and the way it's executed feels very genuine making for great character development with a lot of meaning.
Recommended by RainingFall
Both are set up in college, and deal with the daily lives of a group of friends, both are slice of life about friendship and love.
Recommended by Asma
Making an exclusive club and centering around life in campus. Relationships, love and heartbreak.
Recommended by claudya87
Leads started as friends. Male lead in a relationship/Female lead is in music.
Recommended by DarlingLove
Both of them deals with 5 friends who are growing up. Both of them are about friendship, love, sickness. Both of them are full of softness, nostalgia and sweet sadness.
Recommended by smile-and-drama
Main actresses are 'speaking' beautifully with sign language in this two wonderful series. Male leads are the same caring, humanist, and kind lover.
Recommended by Simplifica
~This is another great romance if you want to see some more Tsumabuki ;)
Recommended by ange
Both of these dramas center around college life and friendship. While Honey & Clover has a more slice of life feel, the friendship theme is still very strong. Both of these drama star Narimiya Hiroki as a supporting role. I like the realistic and subdued tone of both of these dramas.
Recommended by Elle
It gave me the same feel but on a different age level. Osozaki is more on a midlife resolution while Orange Days is on a college level life choices and experiences.
Recommended by biniBningPunkista
Written by the same author with very similar story about one of the leads losing their ability to hear at a certain age deal with life, romance, etc
Recommended by 3ngin33r
Both heartwarming + realistic feel,
and both about a group of friends and romance,
and conversations about realistic problems

BeMelodramatic about working friends in 30s and OrangeDays about mid twenties college seniours about to trasnfer to the working world.
Recommended by JulySnow2
The heroines have a hearing disability. One's a college student; which focuses on school life, while the other is a working adult. They struggle on handling things on their own. They suffer backlashes just from trying to be 'normal'. An encounter happens, and romance ensues.
Recommended by Magicflier