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Jul 17, 2012


Gosh I never thought I'd end up typing such a review for Protect the Boss... I really didn't think it would ever be the case. I loved it too much to think it might ever disappoint me. And it hasn't! Just that... I'm really sorry to see this episode sinking into so many sad scenes. At least to me they were sad. I'm starting to pity Mu Won more and more. There are even less funny moments in this episode than in the last one. I hope this gets back to its usual style soon.

The best part of this episode was probably the date between No Eun Seol and Mu Won. It really made me smile. But it was somewhat bitter-sweet. Am I crazy for wanting these two together? -_- I really like the chemistry between them. So I can't help but feel sorry when I see her treating him so coldly. At least the guy is pushing and not giving up. I guess I just wanted her to keep her feelings for Mu Won a little bit longer instead of confessing so fast to Ji Heon and being so obviously distant to the other one. Or... it might just be my personal preference that is messing with my head and it makes me unable to watch this show from an objective point of view. If I were her I'd choose Jae Joong lol I like him too much. :D

Back to why I didn't quite enjoy this episode - I really got lost a bit in all the business talk. And they also seem to be adding quite some conflict that is taking its toll on Mu Won. I hope he won't end up suffering too much :(

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