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Jul 18, 2012

Awesome again :)

I'm sorry that I even dared to say this show disappointed me even a tiny bit! I was scared they'll keep the mood from the last ep till the end or even get worse. But it got awesome again in this episode. I LOVE No Eun Seol! She's seriously my favourite female lead of all dramas I've watched so far. The first scene was so damn amusing! XD I think I replayed the part where she pushed Mu Won a dozen times XD I just really didn't expect it at all! She's never hit him before :O And his expression was priceless XD I was shocked when she hit herself though O_O Then the hug XDDDD ok that was too funny! Poor Ji Heon he's really trying to get closer to his cousin. I bet they'll become friends by the end of this. :)

I really like how Ji Heon's dad is silently taking revenge on that Park chairman or whatever he is XD lol the discussion in the elevator. And the scene Na Yoon is imagining XDDD I could not stop laughing XD they all looked so awkward.

Mu Won looks so cute when he's scaring Eun Seol ^^ *sigh* I really like these two together... too bad. It's also so fun to see the two cousins fight. I'd like to keep seeing them like that ^^ but now that she officially rejected Mu Won, the jealousy will pretty much be gone :( It was so cute when he realized Ji Heon had broken the rules XD he was being suspiciously nice to him, he could tell haha ^^

The awesomeness is back!! So many great scenes!

I'm dissatisfied with just one thing in this episode though: WHY THAT ENDING?!? Why just a hug?! He had to endure seeing them together so many times, yet the only thing he's receiving is a hug? :( Come on, a kiss wouldn't have been too much. At least a goodbye kiss :( damn. The way he said it really made me expect a kiss T_T It would've really completed this drama. It would have made it perfect in my eyes. Ahh

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