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Jul 19, 2012

Please don't let this turn into a predictable show!

Kamsahamnida, writer/s!!! ^_^ He didn't accept her right away! How I love you for this! It would have been too awkward if he did. I love this show, I really do!

lmao the way she kept bursting into laughter when he tried to kiss her made ME burst into laughter XD poor Ji Heon haha

I'm really not having fun seeing the other two together though -_- especially not with that cheerful song on. It's not as cute to see Mu Won on a "date" with her as it was with Eun Seol. I really can't feel the chemistry and don't like this couple. Still... I pity the girl a bit. She's trying too hard and has no pride whatsoever. Their talk on the bench made me suddenly realize she's actually Mu Won in female version lol in regard to relationships. "Since there's a possibility for me, I'll continue to play with you." That's exactly what he did to Eun Seol. And now Na Yoon is doing it to him. I wonder if he realized lol

I just really hate the business part of this show lately. After all, they did turn this company matter into a big mess. I didn't want to see much conflict in this drama. But wow the song that played when Eun Seol entered Ji Heon's office near the end of the episode - I haven't heard it before in this show. Are they really using it for the first time? o.o it's so beautiful! It sounds somewhat like the Maplestory soundtrack, Cygnus Garden. Very very beautiful.
So this very unpredictable drama is actually using a cliché in the end as well? The father is now telling him to break up with No Eun Seol? Gosh I didn't expect that exactly because it would have been too predictable. What's up with this show? It's getting predictable?! :O And what's up with the ending???!? Really -_- It's gonna affect No Eun Seol the most for sure. Too dramatic! Really, how did it get this way?

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