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Jul 16, 2012

I love the writer!

They did it! They actually did it! They put a twist into the story and they managed to get neither one of them completely rejected just yet. I love the writer/s. I'd hug them right now. They're brilliant! I don't know how they do it. This just gets better and better. The flow of events is really unpredictable, but everytime I fear something bad will happen they manage to straighten it smoothly or give it a sudden humorous twist. I adore this show! And I'm so glad I'll get to keep seeing this fantasy relationship between Mu Won and Eun Seol. *-*

Though this episode really made me pity Ji Heon more. He really seems like a kid in this one and not in a good way. So far I've only seen his childishness as cute, because I thought he mostly did it on purpose, but he really seems to have a lot of issues. I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy. He seems so helpless it breaks my heart :( But I really like the way he's trying to change for her. He's got a really nice voice btw :O But I'm wondering how they're gonna fill the other half of the show. They're already at this point so soon - they've confessed and also got rejected (sort of). What can they possibly do for 10 more episodes? Are they gonna start fighting over Eun Seol again? I hope so *-*

The scene with Ji Heon's dad with the scissors was probably the funniest one in this episode XD "Even I dreamed of No Eun Seol all night" lmao he's a funny character despite his occasional outbursts.
Oh and the way those two kept staring at Eun Seol and Mu Won from the window O_O How do they not feel embarrassed seriously? O_O What sane person could do that so calmly?

Also, I just noticed this must be the only drama which has mostly instrumental songs. I think I've only heard one song with lyrics so far. In a way I find it better, cause I don't have to focus on the artist's voice at the same time as listening to the characters. I never realized how big of a difference that makes.

Ooooh and what a perfect ending! ^_____________^

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