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leads in both dramas were involved in each other’s pasts some way or another and both go through traumatic events and meet years later. also they both have the same actor who plays the younger version of the ml
Recommended by lololol
Similarity : In both the shows, the leads have intertwined fate as teenagers and as they grow up. Both meet and grow fond of each other but part because of an accident as kids. And then they grow up and meet again. While the MLs blame themselves for the past, the FLs grows stronger through the trauma, and helps the ML grow stronger as well.

Difference : Come and Hug me is way more intense than Thirty but Seventeen. Thirty but Seventeen focuses on many characters including the leads and is more light hearted and warm. Come and Hug me is a dramatic romance-thriller that fills you with all kinds of emotions.

Final Point : Both are must watch as healing dramas. They are about overcoming the past and giving yourself a second chance.
Recommended by neaa
Both dramas depicts dark family ties with psychopaths. Both murderer believe, that hero (policeman/detective) are like them.
Recommended by loranar
Based on the synopsis of this drama. I somewhat resembles with I Hear Your Voice. Both dramas have leads who are connected together with a murder case.
Recommended by Cherry
Both dramas gave the same feel and similar storyline so far. The leads are their each other's first loves whose beautiful relationship got deeply affected by their shared traumatic past and being related to a murderer (FL's father in Missing You while ML's father in Come and Hug Me). They met again several years later where the said story continues. It is also worth mentioning that the younger actors' acting and the main couple's chemistry of these dramas are both undeniably strong and impressive!
Recommended by Angel
i know neither of them are similar in the sense of genre but both depict the struggles of the characters in the dramas. my mister also has a murder storyline like in come and hug me and the ml in come and hug me is also in my mister.
Recommended by lololol
The genre is different but both main leads from the drama have a love story that spans 12 years. In Come and Hug Me, they both were young when they fell in love and found each other 3 times, like in the Third Charm.
Recommended by AJ
Both shows depict how the family's of the victims and the perpetrators are affected after a murder. In Soredemo, Ikite Yuku its the female lead who is the perpetrators family.
Recommended by FightGhosts
Both dramas are about passing time. Both characters love only each other every time when they meet again.
Recommended by MyersLucy