What's Wrong With Secretary Kim



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both have the "cold rich male lead with a traumatic past", and they both have a mature/grownup ish romance.. with a strong female lead...
also, the parents in both dramas are more supportive than the usual romcom parent ;p
Recommended by XingBack
Both Refresh Man and What's Wrong With Secretary Kim have few similarities, such as leads knowing each other when they were younger, the CEO/ employee relationship, the impossible to please boss, rich man, poor woman trope. The reason I do recommend Refresh Man if you liked What's Wrong with Secretary Kim is they both are written well despite their overuse of certain tropes and cliches.
Recommended by StarGirl 91
They both have a boss and employer relationship.
The male leads both have a traumatic past which the female leads will help them move on from or improve.
Main couples have similar chemistry/relationships.
Both are: thriller, comedy, mystery, and romance...
Recommended by Asing
A love story between the boss and the secretary. Unlike the common chaebol parents, the parents in both drama are very nice and love the female lead. Both dramas are very funny. The chemistry is also great.
Recommended by nadiaestii
Same director, so it creates a similar feel. If you laugh while watching What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Because This Is My First Life will make you laugh.
Both male leads don’t believe in love, but end up falling in love.
Funny important person giving advice to the male lead.
Same sound effects.
Recommended by Lita
- Park seo joon as the male lead
- strong female lead
- The romance is the main point of the story with a couple of side plots
- the secondary characters also have screen time and romance plots
- cute and funny without being boring
- no unecessary drama or misunderstandings
Recommended by anushka
Secretary Kim has similar vibes to the romanace and comedy, taking on a more refreshing approach of the typical bad/cold guy thrope. However, Cheese in the Trap incorporates more of the sinister sides of liking someone with a hard to deal with personally while Sceretary Kim is more in the romcom sphere.
Recommended by ayacherry
boss purchasing his secretary and fall in love with each other.
both funny and sweet. if you want to binch watch a drama, i can recommend either one of those
Recommended by beesy
1 Has a similar boss/secretary workplace romance
2. ML has been suffering from trauma and the secretary helps him
Recommended by Arihant D
Both feature boss x employee relationship
same vibe, both female leads are somehow naive when it comes to love
and both male leads at first are confused about their feeling towards the female lead
Recommended by leylashkanovruz
Park Seo Joon is one of the lead roles in both dramas; the male lead is a chaebol, the female lead a hardworking person... something traumatic happened in their past as kids, but it was burried by their family and memories.
Both have humor but also dramatic background.
Recommended by userbmc
The comedy reminds me of Strong Woman and it has the same kind of ridiculous moments that would never happen in real life, but are super hilarious to watch. The two shows are cheesy, but incredibly funny and entertaining. They both have the employee and boss relationship that ends up as a romance. There is a nice love triangle and those fun sound effects as well. They are both comedy and romance with some mystery. Not to mention, there's a rich male lead!
Recommended by Mosskweeto
Both MLs are highly placed chaebol heirs sharing the a kidnapping incident at a young age. Both have nightmares about that incident even as adults and have very hard time letting go.The FLs of both dramas were also part of their traumatic childhood experience.
Recommended by usna
Both dramas have the same director and screenwriter. They are about office romances between a female secretary and her male boss.
Recommended by ohmyseoul
these are similar points in why secretary kim / Radio Romance :
comedy romance dramas
cheesy and comforting in a good way. Simple and cute
smart and hard worker FL
office work /entertainment work
ML is boss - FL is secretary / FL is beginner writer - ML is idol actor
childhood trauma / childhood friends
arrogant ML / kind of :) (popular and cold and proud ML)
rich man poor woman
ML chase FL first

Recommended by sara