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Similar themes. Wealthy high schoolers and one poor girl. Bullying happens. Love triangle.
Recommended by mesuzuITA
Want to know where such a cute story came from? Hana Yori Dango is the original live action adaptation of the manga written by Kamio Yoko. It may be slightly older, but this Japanese predecessor has everything you loved about the Korean version, mixed in with it's own charm.
Recommended by AmberWynter
The personalities of the characters are similar in these dramas. Also the love triangle between the three main characters is the same. I've watched both of these and really enjoyed them.
Recommended by Ezmeralde
Both dramas have the same silly, sweet and funny feel with a charming female lead.
Also, Kim Hyun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers) is the male lead in Playful Kiss. His character (Baek Seung Jo) is different yet somehow still similar to Yoon Ji Hoo. So, if you liked him in Boys Over Flowers, you'll probably like him in Playful Kiss as well!
Recommended by grace
Same storyline, great chemistry. It's really just a Chinese remake of Boys Over Flowers.
Recommended by Angela
This has the whole reverse harem thing going for it. Plus, I think a lot of the cute scenes were homages to Boys Over Flowers. This drama gave me Second and Third Lead syndrome! But in the end I truly believed in the OTP.
Recommended by Sam-I-Am
The plot is exactly the same (Not sure if they're both remakes of the same drama or just based on the same manga/etc).
Recommended by Klaudia
Both dramas have similar stories about Flower boys and a poor girl. I think "Moon river" is better than BOF.
Recommended by Hwarang
they both have the same story line and both of the series have the same concept of four boys and one girl
Recommended by Nia black
There are somewhat F4 in Goong, and they have a similar feeling.
Recommended by hiphop123
huge expectation from the lead guy.
lead guy came from a rich family. boy's family doesnt like the girl.
girl is hard working yet poor.
Recommended by luxcannonball
In both dramas ML is rich and FL poor and hardworking. In both dramas ML at first hates FL. In Boys over Flowers characters are high schoolers, Cheese In the Trap is about college life, but the similarity is that they are still studying.
Recommended by Kdramalover203
Rich Men and a poor women. One talks more about the fancy lifestyles about the rich than the other but both main leads are peculiar and have interesting personalities. The second lead tends to have some air of mystery, but are good guys in the end. Second female lead in rich man poor woman is similar to one of the girls that become interested in Jun Pyo as well.
Recommended by ahmi_chan
Jeon Ki Sang directed both dramas so if you like one you will probably enjoy the other one as well.
Recommended by Goliath1357
If you like the cheesy and cute type of drama this one is right in your aisle. Super cute from start to finish. 10/10 in my opinion of course.
Recommended by divahoney2001