Nobuta Wo Produce Episode 1

Making the bullied transfer student popular

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Shuji and Akira meet Nobuko and the goal to make her the most popular girl in school arises.
  • Aired: October 15, 2005

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Mar 5, 2017

An interesting start to a warped cinderella/transformation tale.

This episode reminded me of why I like anime. However, it might not be anime. Instead it just might be the way Japanese stories are. Or, I don't know. It made me feel very nostalgic.

This is the start of a very non-typical way to tell a very universal and typical story. The loneliness of adolescent. Clicks. Bullying. Life. Youth.

Akira is the cool guy who works at being cool and liked by everyone. He pretends to have it all together and tries to believe that he thinks life is a game. At times he seems sage and wise. Others sadly lost.

Nobuko (AKA "Nobuta") is the odd girl out who is immediately targeted by bullies. Why her frank talk about suicide seemed like a rough place to start. The reveal that as a child she called her step-dad "dad" and he turned her down resonated. That one single action caused her to shut down and give up. It's amazing and it goes to show that no matter the age you can cause damage.

Shuji is an odd rich kid. Personally I feel like he's a pot head. He's got to be on something. (Though I've suddenly become very aware about my own arming flapping down flights of stairs. What can I say it makes it feel like I'm flying!)

I like the theme of creating your own world. Or to me it seems like your own happiness or place that you belong. The bookstore being a safe haven is something I can relate to. (I miss you Border and Waldens!)

There's a lot going on in this episode and I won't address everything. I will say I really like Sada Yoko the vice principal. She's fun/insane. The monkey hand thing was creepy and hilarious! World peace fools!

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