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Similar story line With Kazuya as main lead and star cast with Yamashita and Harikita Maki.
A touching story of making a girl who is unpopular and bullied to where everyone excepts her
Recommended by Alex_Arcana
There are some very similar elements in the stories - shy, seriously introverted girl who is used to being teased/bullied is gradually drawn out of her shell and makes new friends. I think Nobuta Wo Produce is the better story, but if you enjoyed it, you'll probably enjoy Kimi ni Todoke, and vice versa.
Recommended by Deeheartsdramas
Both are high school coming-of-age stories with a light romantic element. Both have a poetic/surreal quality and explore concepts of acceptance and normalcy.
Recommended by neonlibrarian
Both really sweet older j-dramas about highschoolers dealing with friendship, first love, problems with adultsand their first sexual experiences. Very touching, funny and heartwarming.
Recommended by BPetra
Both dramas involve image change. In Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata, a group of girls tries to transform the boys in their class into popular "princes". They call their project Ouji Producer (Prince Producer). Similarly, in Nobuta Wo Produce, two boys decided to turn a gloomy female classmate into a popular girl. Tadashii Ouji is more over the top and anime-like than Nobuta, and Nobuta has more character and plot depth. However, if you like one drama, you may like the other.
Recommended by KittyAnn
Firstly, both dramas are presenting school life from the students' perspective. They make it in a comedy-driven way, but they are also serious and deep in some depicted situations. Especially, when you consider the problems of acceptance by other classmates. That's why, there are some motives of bullying in both of them, more visible in "Nobuta wo produce".

Futhermore, dramas are very similar when you think about the main characters and their influence on the story. In "Nobuta wo produce" you obviously see the friendship of three protagonists (Kiritani Shuji, Kusano Akira and Kotani Nobuko) and in my opinion "The Queen's Classroom" shares this pattern (Kanda Kazumi, Manabe Yusuke and Shindo Hikaru). The story revolves around their forming friendship and making memories from school.

Finally, episodes in both dramas are construced in the same scheme, IDEA => PROBLEM => SOLUTION. So there are specific subjects which the stories are devoted to, but every episode is a stand-alone story strongly connected to the main plot.
Recommended by Duriothus
Leisure time yayy! This is so ozmm! Watch it yo!
Recommended by mitchy
Both about friendship within a high school theme without romance
Recommended by jessy
both, at first glance, appear to have the same cliche plot: an average, unpopular girl being given a makeover so that many other people would like her.

Yet there is something about both these dramas that touches you. Makes you mesmerized in spite of yourself. Miss Korea is unexpectedly gritty, showing the more distasteful sides of the pageant without pulling any punches. The characters, even the supporting ones, have much chemistry and are fascinatingly acted.

Meanwhile, Nobuta wo Produce is a heart-warming story about a shy, isolated high school girl coming to her own and getting confidence. While it doesn't have any romance, the friendship she has with the two boys are one of the most touching I have ever seen. Both dramas can't be missed and while they are both extremely different in tone, their similarities might be just enough to make you like the other.
Recommended by grey_lady001
Although there is no BL in this drama, it has a strong bromance.
Recommended by asuka
Both are dramas about bullying in high school. Nobuta wo Produce concentrates on comedy while LIFE goes much more deeper.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
In this drama the girl also get's bullied and with some help of others who care about her she gets her life back on track.
Recommended by Dudie