Nobuta Wo Produce Episode 8

The true nature of bullying

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Shuji seems to be having a hard time: the school sees that he's no longer having lunch with Mariko, and due to misunderstanding, everyone now thinks he would even ditch a friend in a fight. The stalker culprit is revealed.
  • Aired: December 03, 2005

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Jan 25, 2017


One of the most beautiful and amazing episode. ..even I suspected Mariko as the culprit...but Aoi was a complete shock. ...I feel so bad for suspecting Mariko she is so sweet. ...Shuji was awesome. ..he acted very well. ..The end of episode was so beautiful I really had tears in my eyes. ..We just need to trust our friends. beautiful ????????????
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Apr 7, 2012

"It is truth because people believe it"

Firstly, I liked a lot that the situation turned upside down and now, when Nobuta's gaining popularity (or at least neutral status), Shuji seems to have lost all of it in an instance.

And Akira shock, all this time I thought that the culprit was Mariko... Except for when Shuji chased her, then I could clearly see that the hair was shorter than Mariko's. But still, Akira shock!
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