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Hi, all. My name is KittyAnn. I love a good story and MDL has helped me find many of my favorites. I've decided to join the community and give back however I can.

About me: Here's my ongoing list of Beautiful OST Songs( Listen), where I like to discuss manga (Link#2), a great place to read a manga before it gets an official translation ( Link#3), and my new twitter (K1ttyAnn). 

Feel free to drop by anytime for a chat.


Progress so far...

10/15/17- I just realized. My first actor “crush” was Sato Takeru of Bitter Blood.

9/28/17- Recently, I've fallen in love with JDramas. I've found some good ones, so far: Take Five, Atashinichi no Danshi, Koishite Akuma, and Tiger & Dragon. I also started taking Japanese. Twenty hiragana down and twenty-some more to go!

9/7/17- Finished Eternal Love (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms). I found two excellent translations of the OST songs. They made me love the drama more. I'll give it an 8 rating, even though at times it can range from a 6-8 in quality. However, the cinematography is always 10 quality. Off to try and finish The Disguiser.

Just finished The Disguiser, but I'm sure what I think of the ending. It feels mild, open-ended in one way or another. Maybe, it's more realistic. Do you agree?

9/10/17- How is it that when I'm just about to reach the climax of Chinese Paladin 5, I feel less inclined to continue. Where did the hook go?

Above is my rating guide. Picking a number from 1-10 is hard for me. I tend to be finicky about what really makes a 10 or below. What do you do when the show was excellent all the way up to the last two episodes and then it falls off a cliff? Or what if it's mediocre at first, interesting and has a thrilling climax, but the ending doesn't leave the right feeling? If I can't care about the ending, I usually won't rate it.

Thanks for reading.


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