Queen In Hyun's Man Episode 16

You called me...

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One year later. Hee Jin is a doing documentary commentary based on BD?s letter. BD is recognized by a minister and is caught. BD and HJ are both in the palace at the same time and HJ suddenly tears up. BD decides to end his life by hanging from the tie. HJ starts crying uncontrollably and her memories flow back, she calls his number, but drops the phone. In Joseon, the phone receives the call and BD manages to free himself to answer the phone and transport to future. They are back together!
  • Aired: June 07, 2012

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Sep 8, 2013


What an ending it was so amazing but how can his phone ring in Joseon !! was there network back then but it is okay because it is a fantasy drama after all and i was desperately wanting a happy ending in any way so i don't mind some magic in it, and it is better than having an end like Rooftop Prince's this one was so satisfying and well portrayed and i love how they explained everything for us through the whole drama like how did he get clothes or money or how he got her number every single detail had been taken care of so does this episode and i agree with VioletSakura when she said that the talisman wasn't the thing that gave the power to Bung Do but Yun Wol's love so when Hee Jin called him the power was in the phone this is a good way to express it but all i can say that was a really great ending and i'm totally satisfied :D

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Apr 3, 2013

happy ending...

finally they live in a real world and won't be separated again....
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Jun 18, 2012


I really don't know what to say! since i really don't like historical dramas , i really didn't want to watch this . but when i heard how great this drama is i started to watch it ! and now ..... i really can't believe how great it is! the song , the characters , kiss , even supporting roles !!! everything! best couples ever!!! i really have to watch it again! with the best ending!!!
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Jun 15, 2012

Perfect ending..

Recently many good dramas have been ruined for me because of an ending ( for example - Rooftop prince )but this was just PERFECT!!!

It was sooo sad - and it was thrilling 'til the end as I had no idea how he would return. But the solution was perfect...
It's definitely a drama which will get a 10 points from me!!! :)
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Jun 12, 2012

great ending

love the ending a perfect ending to a perfect drama.... it would have been better if they show like what happen like 6 months later or something and they got married and hee jin is like pregnant it would have been great. LOVE THE DRAMA!!!!
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Jun 11, 2012

A Perfect Ending to a Drama executed Perfectly

The bar for romantic comedies have now been set sky high! The tears shed by both as Boong Do fled being recognized from town to town; Hee Jin continued to live her life totally oblivious to his existence and it took one documentary; one step in sync as the the song says, same sky same place. The ending as the memories rushed back to Hee Jin and all it took was her memories to return and one phone call. I know a lot have said they did not understand that but it made perfect sense! It was her love and memories that brought him back! WOW! I may never look at another romantic comedy drama again the same! It will be hard to match or exceed this perfectly well crafted romance. If it turns out to be true that the actors developed felling after filming this, not hard to believe as their emotions as they played their roles was pitch perfect! BRAVO!!! ENCORE!! I wait for this writing team's next project!

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Jun 8, 2012

Can A Better Ending...

...be found in a drama? I don't think so. Episode 16, like all others in QIHM, gripped me to its final breath and breathless kiss.

I'm so happy our couple got their happy ending. I also loved that kiss--seriously, Boong-Do and Hee-Jin continue to set the high bar on drama kisses. If you thought the last STEAMY kiss was steamy, it had nothing on that final kiss!!!!!!

Both Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na should be commended for their great chemistry. I really hope to see them act together in the future...or at least, be a real couple! Ji Hyun Woo--fighting!!

This show will be one that gets a 10 from me, which is really rare but well-deserved.

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Jun 8, 2012


I just loved the fact that they switched again "the memory lost" thingy... besause first was him who forgot everything and HJ was the one who was suffering about if he was really a dream or not... and now the writter made a twist in the story, so he was able to remind her and she was able to keep going with her life, but there is point when the love cant be erased and all the memories came back to HJ and all that love that she has was so pure and true so I think love can transcends time and space and the phone was like HJ's Talisman, because when she first bought the cell she was so happy and the love was 100% on it. Ohhh well but I'm really happy with the ending was good, indeed really good...

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Jun 7, 2012

Total satisfaction ^_^

Aaah~~ I love this drama SO MUCH!!! MUCH MORE that Rooftop Prince! The ending is more satisfying for me!!

First of all, everybody?s saying ?his phone was alive a whole year?? people, it wasn?t alive, it was DEAD all the time, how do you imagine a phone working in Joseon??? Remember when he suddenly disappeared in the 15th episode??? He tried to make a call, but the phone wouldn?t turn on! So basically if it would have to be turned on, its battery would be in full action? ^^

Then I read about the nonsensical ?the-phone-became-the-talisman? ending? Hey, guys, remember? We were watching a fantasy drama (the key word being FANTASY)? and it left me with my imagination to deal with it, here is what I came up with? the thing is, it was not about the paper that was holding the power to BoongDu?s travels, but YoonWol?s love and respect for him?so when she died, the power died with her? the same with the phone, as HeeJin remembered him and felt for him again, the power returned, and it doesn?t matter to what object, it could be the necktie, lol?

Everyone can have their theories? as the ending was not as clearly explained as all the drama was?hell with it, I would be happy with a mussier ending? as long as they ended up together?I made my own theory? and I am happy with the ending, I?m gonna rate this drama 9/10!

P.S. What about Ji Hyun Woo confessing to Yoo In Na at the press conference? hehe~ I?m so curious what happened there, so romantic, he has BoongDu air around him ^^

I'll come back with the review of the drama tmrw ^^
I'm gonna miss smarty BoongDu SO MUCH, and HeeJin too... the ONLY heroine who could explain EVERYTHING's meaning by a kiss... Smart girl!

P.P.S I'm sure I'm gonna giggle every time I see a tie on a guy from now on...

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Jun 7, 2012


I LOVED IT!! Never been so happy in my life finally Hee Jin and Boong Do get their perfect ending, although it would have been even more perfect if we got to see some mini Boong Dos and Hee Jins but never mind. I loved the parallel time thing goes so well with the OST, same sky different times. That part where Hee Jin was standing with Boong Do at the same place but different times really hit me! She could still feel his presense, that my friend is LOVE!! Although I dont really understand how he got back to modern times, I'm not going to complain aha! That EPICALLY AWESOME KISS was totally worth all the angony and heartbreaks this drama has put me through :D!!

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