Queen In Hyun's Man



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Both male protagonist are from past, it involves time travel, love and mystery
Recommended by makeuptemple
Recommended by SophXZ
These two dramas both are centred around a man who has lived in the past: in the Joseon era, falling in love with an actress from the 21st Century. They are both a mix of romance with fantasy. They also feature the same actress (Yoo In Na).
Recommended by SilverCloud
8.7 W (2016)
Both are a mix of romance and drama, the romance of this show being separated by time travel (very similar to W's two world separation).
Recommended by Kimmi
Both have time-travelling. And people falling in love from different times.
Recommended by Hannah
These two dramas were produced by the same production team, same director, same writer. Surprisingly, the only common thing you can find in both dramas: time travel.
Recommended by djchiriko
Love through a millenium is adapted from Queen In Hyun's Man
Recommended by Vico SDL
It's got the teleportation magic thingy between past and preset. The girl is also from the present. But splash splash love only has 2 episodes. Each episode are about an hour long though :) It's definitely enjoyable to watch.
Recommended by DarlingTabasa
Both dramas are relations to a romance story with time travel and historical ages. Also in some parts they also experience a change in history. Not to mention the female lead characters in both dramas plays actress who are currently working on the time periods that they both time travel to. Ironic.
Recommended by Dolores
Both have time travelling element. Scarlet heart is one of the excellent historical C-drama. Perfection from all cast, writer.
Recommended by CJ2516
Both dramas are about love that is not controlled by humans but instead by something greater than them. Both my all time faves! great osts, great acting! No love triangles (so done with them really).
Recommended by julifacetoface
Recommended by eiyaah
Both are about Joseon man, traveling to the future, whenever their life in endagered and then meeting there the woman they fall in love with.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
In terms of Romance ....

Both have equal amount of romantic scenes...
Ones office and work and the other about fantasy and time travelling.

Its both enjoyable... law of love has a guy who doesn't believe in love and in queens Hyun's... the guy is clueless about ,what love is in the future.

Both the females are believers of romance and love.
Recommended by Lilatwinks
Both dramas take place during the same time of history. Queen In-Hyun's Man is a time traveling drama, but the characters are the same and have a focus on the deposition of Queen In-Hyun.
Recommended by 1004_blue